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    • Agreed, mechanically it doesn't buy much, it's more for production. The 68 pin socket is on its own and many other designs are single sockets as well.
    • Nap, it's just half the time stuffing the board using paired sockets and pairs sit more flatly/steadily than singletons with the wider baseline for the wave soldering process.
    • I've stumbled across a IIsi that just needed re-capped, and it works great now (even with the 1GB drive I popped in)   It had an FPU card, and a "Farallon PhoneNET" Ethernet card, I found the link for the driver on Farallon's archived site, but cannot seem to locate the driver anywhere.   I know it's not going to be terribly useful online, but being able to use FTP to transfer files instead of fussing with adding disk images to the SD card on the FloppyEMU would be preferred at times.
      Does anyone know where I may be able to obtain said driver?   https://web.archive.org/web/20010210055015/http://www.farallon.com/support/software/download/pncddriverd.html   PhoneNET_Card_Drvr_4.1.sea.hqx is the file i'm looking for, and cannot seem to find anywhere.
    • Should boot no drives and show the flashing ? (if the RAM works).
    • Hey! We're back to square one, but at least it isn't as dead as I had assumed. Voltages look fine so far all over the place, but I'm still testing.   This thing doesn't need drives hooked up to boot to the screen, does it? I know that's probably a dumb question, but this is an enormous, clunky, and (for me) somewhat rare piece of hardware, and I feel a bit out of my element just looking at it, lol.