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    • After reading the thread a couple times, I’m... overwhelmed. lots of options and lots to think about.   i think I wanna do it ‘right’ the first time around and get a color laser jet with an Ethernet card in it for network printing. It makes more sense for network printing since I’ve got multiple machines around in different rooms.   My main OS is 8.6 across all my systems. Sometimes I boot into 7.6.1 but rarely, so I’d need something that’s color, a laser jet, and has an Ethernet port. I’ve always disabled all the printing extensions in 8.6 since I never use them, so I’m gonna have to figure out how to connect to the printer (desktop printer utility in the extras folder?) as well as figure out which driver to select for it.   But that’s after I figure out which printer to buy in the first place.
    • The capacitor itself looks fine and there’s no direct shorts to ground anywhere, I’ll switch it around and see if everything is okay, I still need to get a new power supply, but does anyone know what C21 does? 
    • Yes, there is a chance. I saw someone replace a tantalum cap backwards a few times and blow it each time - did work after they realized it was backwards.
    • Is there any chance that it’s only the capacitor that is damaged and the board is fine?
    • Good! My WAG was that your SE has weak termination power for whatever reason. Has it been recapped? Have you got a meter you can use to determine the power output level if the USB power test proves successful?