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Source code for our entry (+binary)

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Just to let you guys know, I've posted the source code archive for our retrochallenge entry, and it's now downloadable from here: http://tonilaav.fidisk.fi/blog/ShadowQuest.sea.hqx. Here are a few quick notes about it:


  1. I had to compress it as a self-extracting Compact Pro archive as I did not have DropStuff on my PowerBook, but Aladdin Expander for OS X is be able to extract it in case you are on a OS X system without classic.
  2. Project files included for both CodeWarrior Pro 2 and THINK C 5.0.
  3. As it's unoptimized, it's REALLY slow on my 33mhz PowerBook Duo 280c, about 1-3 fps depending on how big space player is looking at

I also posted the credits on the blog, but here they are so that no one misses them :-)


  1. Ingemar Ragnemalm's OffscreenToysUtils: http://pascal-central.com/ingemars-corner.html
  2. F.Permadi's helpful tutorial on ray-casting: http://www.permadi.com/tutorial/raycast/rayc7.html (WARNING: has Popups)
  3. And honorable mention to my former highschool friend Jonni Lehtiranta who back in 1999 tought me valuable stuff about reverse-projecting floors ("Mode 7" like rendering)



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So are you going to make a binary available for those of us without compilers? I would love to play a new game on my PB540c and/or Duo 280c!

Hi, the compiled binary is included in the archive. (Actually two binaries, as it was built with both CW and Think C.)


There probably isn't much to "play" as the speed is the abysmal 1-2 fps as sadly pukka did not have time to do the assembly code optimizations by the retrochallenge deadline, and can be mostly considered a tech demo :-(

But given more time and effort in future (both of which are sadly limited too), I think it could be made to run at least as fast as DooM runs on same hardware.

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