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Considering how few of this year's two dozen entrants actually completed a project, it was surprisingly difficult to pick a top three – and that's only partially down to laziness and procrastination on my part. Anyway, without further ado, the winners are:


FIRST PLACE Aaron Wolfe, Boisy Pitre & Jim Hathaway

Our first team entry... these guys did an amazing job of bringing the internet to the Tandy Colour Computer (or should that be the other way around?). Either way, it was a herculean effort that's well-deserving of the RC loot – it's just a shame that they'll have to split it three ways!


RUNNER-UP rsayers

Hunt the Wumpus is Gopherspace! What more need be said? Go give it a whirl!


RUNNER-UP lorance

Lorance came through with a file transfer utility for the Tandy M10x hosted on the Classic Macintosh platform – talk about specialization!



papa - RetroNET Creative Computing Classic BASIC Game Library.

PrintStar - 31 Games in 31 Days.

Pukka - Write a desk accessory game for Macintosh system in 932 bytes or less.


Congratulations, of course, go to all entrants who managed to survive the ordeal... and thanks to wgoodf the twitter monkey, urbancamo for looking after the BBS (enjoy your retirement!) and the good folks at the 68kmla. And finally, thanks for those of you who donated to the RetroChallenge slush fund – your support is greatly appreciated!


See you in July!

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