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Try again

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Hello all, I am going to try this again ...


The retro challenge last spring is what originally brought me to this fourm, course then I had a bad plan with a palm VII, so I then switched to making an apple ][ basic game, and while i re-learned a TON of stuff which proved to be useful when I got my //c recently, I never did anything for the challenge


Going to try again for the winter, I have submitted an entry to the website, and my blog is http://www.cheesefactory.us/RC (yea its a real pro setup)


I will get some stuff posted up there sharing the intent of my month, and use this thread to post when there is updates on the blog


Good luck to everyone and have fun

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Hey that's pretty cool. :D I tried doing something like that with my Mac Classic II, I got the internet set up with it fine, but I couldn't find a stable browser for Mac OS 7.5.5 . I was trying things like Netscape 3, IE 2 & 3. Ah, don't remember which versions exactly, just didn't work out. :p But I haven't tried iCab on it yet. Maybe I will the next time I get it all setup again. :)


Anyway, have fun with your laptop! :D

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