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Another PB 145b

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Hi all, I am having fun right now with my latest comquest. Picked up another Powerbook 145b for $5 and with the exception that it is missing the port cover in the rear of the book it is in pristine condition!


It wouldn't boot when I first got it (looked like the HD had been wiped) so I installed O/S 7.1 and it booted just find. I am now installing Write Now, ClarisWorks, Disinfectant, and Hypercard, and I think I will have a good little writing machine!


The only downside to this is that my wife reminded me that I promised to do some clearing out of my old macs and I did promise would....lol...she has been very understanding...( but I don't dare tell her that as of my last inventory I now have 47 Macs), so look for a post in the near future of my housecleaning!



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