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    • I have a GS I got...at some point that I don't remember?(In a lot of Macs or something I think), but haven't done much with it besides remove the battery.  It does have a SCSI interface card in it, so I should pull it out and start playing with it
    • I love the IIgs. I still have the original my family purchased back when I were just a wee lad.  Sadly, my son blew out the VGC by hot swapping disk drives.    I was able to get a ROM3 mainboard for cheap off ebay a few years ago and drop it in as a fix, but I'm still looking for a replacement VGC to repair my original board.  But the ROM3 is nice.  My current setup has an Uthernet II, TransWarpGS running at 14MHz, the CFFA3000, a VidHD, DarkSound Stero card, and a 4MB RAM card by Briel.  I also put a replacement power supply by ReactiveMicro to keep everything running.  It's such a fun machine to jump on.  Man, the deals with the devil I would have made to have these upgrades as a kid... .   I'm curious about those fans, I have one on the power supply cage, which brings hot air from the slots area and up through the top of the IIgs case, but I keep the lid on.  
    • Isn't the JackHammer more of a NuBus 90 era beast?
    • No worries, these are probably a better fit for his machine as they are pre-owned and have that "used" look which would make the fact that one foot is different less noticeable. 
    • I don't like hijacking maceffects, but I have a couple from a scrapped centris 610...