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    • So basically I'll be making 25 sets of 4. Seems better to sell them in sets of 4 rather than 8 since some people probably won't want 128MB heh. This is probably the only run I'll do since it's so time intensive...especially since it's gonna be 100 modules.    If people want to assemble it themselves, I can provide the kit...it might save something like $5? I dunno at this point heh. 
    • I'm interested.  I have 2x IIfx machines.
    • Success!   The key was the zip drive. I put together a minimal 8.6 and copied it to a zip disk. I included the Drive Setup utility in the zip. There were a few hiccups along the way. At first the SSD prevented the zip from booting up. So I went and changed the jumper setting to slave and it worked! Very strange. The jumper setting on the old HDD was master. Once I was able to boot up from the zip drive, I was able to reformat the SSD with the Drive Setup and copied the minimal OS 8.6 onto the SSD. Then I selected the SSD as startup disk and restarted and it worked!   The only thing is it's taking a long time for the computer to find the OS and start booting up. I don't recall it taking this long. Maybe I'm used to the Quicksilver booting up quickly. Been a while since I last used the G3.   The OS X on my Quicksilver is 10.2, Jaguar I think. I don't use it much. I prefer 9.2.2. When I partitioned it in OS X, I did HFS extended. I didn't see any option to partition it in Drive Setup so I just left it at 120 gigs. What's so weird is that the SSD worked only when I changed the Addonics adapter to slave. When I had it on master, there was no video, no boot up screen at all.   Thanks so much for all your help!
    • Ok so I just tested the ones I got and they work fine. I'm ordering 100 boards which should be here next week. 
    • Houm... as I expected. Look for the junk board generously. Thx.