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Mac Classic II

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I just got my first compact, and my first 68k for that matter. Now, I am having issues with it. I thinking it may be the analog board that has the issue. It has these weird two rows of lines that are parallel. I did take everything out and do extensive alcohol cleaning, so I don't think gunk is the issue, but I don't know.


Here are the pictures I took of it:





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The monochrome Compact AIOs (ie, all but one AIO, the CC) are fairly guileless little beasts. Their video problems, because the AIOs use system RAM for video, are not limited to the analogue board (and the yoke magnets) for matters of drive and geometry. RAM examination has to be included when the detail of display is amiss.


At the outset of your acquaintance with our LFF, these are worth nailing to your 'frig. door:





There is enough commonality between the compact AIOs for much of this info. to be transferrable. What is peculiar to the Classic II is its RAM arrangement: 2MB base, supplementable to 10MB max. with identical pairs of 256kB, 1MB or 4MB. That fourfold increase is common to many Macs using 30-pin SIMMs. If you have expansion RAM, remove, clean and replace the cards. Take care to clean the slots, too, with canned air. Use a firm, not hard, pencil eraser along and not across each edge connector of the SIMMs. Most older SIMMs have solder-'plated' connectors, but you may meet some that are gold-plated. Given a choice, use 8-chip SIMMs to eliminate the potential for side-effects from denser chips.


While you have the MLB out, replace the PRAM battery if you have not already done so, and especially if it shows <3.3V in circuit. If you literally had the analogue board 'out' in addition to the logic board, recheck your reinstallation, especially at the connectors.



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