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I walked into a pc shop the other day, the owner knows I am into old Macs and he hates Macs...(that has been good for me several times), his shop is a surplus shop and he comes across Macs from time to time. As i walked in he smiles and says..."I have something for you and the price is right... [:)]]'> "!


He reached under the counter and pulls out a box of laptops. There was a powerbook 520c (works perfectly), a Duo 270c (again...works perfectly), a 190cs (not only works perfect, but seems to be in like new condition), and a 145b and a 180 which I have to check out yet!


I was a very happy camper... [:o)]]'> ...the whole box cost me a whopping $10, I feel like I scored well...lol!



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