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    • I found the post, and I can see in the pictures where the white wire goes. But it is not clear to me where the red and black wires are going to.   Any advice on how to find out?
    • Run out of ideas on this one. No matter what I do, my SE/30 gives me 'address error' when I'm trying to install anything. I've tried multiple SD cards in my SCSI2SD, and according to MacCheck, the RAM is fine.   It will also do the same thing whilst trying to initialize the HDD, with Finder or Apple SC HD throwing the error instead.   Does anyone have any ideas?   Spec: SE/30, 4MB RAM, SCSI2SD V6.
    • When I went for the 660AV’s HD I found it was no longer working, hence the long delay here. In the meantime I acquired a LCIII with a working HD  The Centris 650 fired right up and just as you said, the green hue disappeared when the extensions started loading. Thanks!
    • Hi guys.   I have gotten my hands on a performa 6400 logic board as well as a TRACO POWER TSR 1-2433 voltage regulator. I remember there was some post on how to upgrade a 6200/6300 power supply to support alchemy boards, but I can't find it. Does anyone know of a guide for people who aren't really that good at reading wiring schematics? It would be nice to have a picture that shows which wires you need to reroute and connect to the device.   Thanks
    • As you get into this more, you are likely going to run into certain issues. First, many people have compressed classic Mac stuff using much newer versions of Stuffit, which are incompatible with the older Stuffits that will run under System 7.1. It will give you errors in that case. One way around it is to unstuff what you need under OS X prior to transferring it. I realize this will limit what you can fit on the disk. If you have this or any other issues, just let me know.