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    • As you get into this more, you are likely going to run into certain issues. First, many people have compressed classic Mac stuff using much newer versions of Stuffit, which are incompatible with the older Stuffits that will run under System 7.1. It will give you errors in that case. One way around it is to unstuff what you need under OS X prior to transferring it. I realize this will limit what you can fit on the disk. If you have this or any other issues, just let me know.
    • Thanks!  That looks like it's going to work.  I've written a disk using DD and I think I have StuffIt on the SE.  It didn't do anything when I ran it, but I haven't tried with a .sit file yet, so I'll have to make another floppy to put some on the SE.
    • Perhaps there was an earlier revision that did not have it in place. But, then again, why would there even be a C522 spot if that was the case?
    • Just had a look, unfortunately the only lid's I have got have broken screw mounts (I guess that's why they are spare) and I don't seem to have any LCD cables at all. I'll have another quick look around as I am sure I had more parts than I have found but I am not hopeful that I'll find anything else
    • Yes, it does have USB and I think I can make out a date of 2000 on the short board plugged into the front..  Looks to have Ethernet, USB and 9-pin serial?  The short board also has pins for RX TX and GND.  I cannot make out the name on the board but it's something like SW0... V0.3 and it is copyright Apple.  So it is made by Apple.