So SE/30 OCD kicked in again... I saw this SE/30 on eBay. The seller only had posted a few pictures of the outside. It looked pretty clean. What catched my interest was the DB15 port on the back. The grainy structure of the metal bezel holding the DB15 connector screamed MICRON so I decided I needed to have this SE/30. Ended up winning it for 130€ - a bit on the higher side for me but not too bad of a bad price for a decent SE/30 even without any goodies.   The machine arrived today and I could not wait to rip the box open when coming home from work. Something heavy was rattling inside and I started having a bad feeling that it might have smashed the tube.   The case looks great - only minor scratches here and there and not too yellowed as well:     I got out the Mac Opener and cracked her open - not too dirty on the inside as well:     The rattling came from the Harddrive which was hot glued onto the floppy cage. It obviously got loose while shipping the machine. Luckily nothing was smashed on the inside though. The drive was mounted on a piece of plastic that must have been cut out of a Power Mac and was screwed onto a clear hard drive sled one knows from various Power Macs. Never seen one of those before. Where there third party manufactures making these or might this be an Apple part? (wew my first clear plastic part so far) The drive seems to be dead though. I wonder what is on there.     The logicboard looks good. Only very little goo and very few traces that look like they should be checked. When turning it on it is even giving a startup chime but only displays a horizontal line - tested it in another known good SE/30 and the line is coming from the logicboard. Notice the odd RAM slots. I have four white and four black ones on there. Never seen that before:     And now enough of the teasing - the reason I bought the Mac in the first place. Turns out I got really lucky as it indeed has a Micron card inside. Not only that but one with the socket for supporting internal grayscale as well:     The card is working giving me 256 colors at 640*480 on an external LCD:     Monitors control panel says it is a Micron XCEED Color30.   Now to get everything ready to build myself a grayscale adapter and harness.