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    • Actually .... I just realized I have a spare Plus keyboard. Platinum I think, with some yellowing, but in great shape otherwise. It’s possible the comma key switch needs replacing (might just need the WD40 treatment though), otherwise it works perfectly. $50 to a 68kmla’er. DM if interested. Happy to test it again also. 
    • I'm so glad to see this closer to becoming a reality for people who want some extra RAM!    Just out of curiosity @joethezombie, which PCB fabrication place did you use that was able to do 0.050" PCBs? All my experience is with hobbyist-level services like Seeed Studio and PCBWay which both just do 1.2 mm. To get the correct thickness, did you have to go to somewhere a bit more "professional" and less "hobbyist"?   It still bothers me that I never quite got to the bottom of the SE/30 ROM SIMM thickness issue back in the day. At least, I think it was a thickness issue...
    • In my experience the most cost effective way to get a Plus keyboard is to buy a Plus that comes with one, then sell the Plus. 
        example - this person is considering offers. Comes with a nice working external SCSI HD also. https://www.ebay.com/itm/392855518072
    • There's also a number of mouse alternatives available.  The magic search term is 'quadrature mouse', the Amiga, Atari and Acorn Archimedes also all used them but with different pinouts/connectors.   I built an analogue stick mouse replacement out of junk drawer bits here:   And I am really, really not a hardware person.
    • If you don't want to drop the dough on the peripherals, there are ways around it. This blog post links to a PS/2 keyboard -> Mac 128k/512k/Plus converter, based on an Arduino (of which a clone is $5 or less), as well as a simple adapter for using Atari ST or Amiga mice. That might be a more affordable and sensible option, given how crazy 128k/512k/Plus mice and keyboard have gotten.