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    • This is cool! Will be following this thread.     That test rig rig is awesome. I think I remember seeing that in an older thread of yours.
    • Perhaps not helpful, but I was about to draw one up and print it when recently faced with a similar question and instead just re-purposed the original drive's mounting brackets. Per the attached pic, after bending the tabs 90deg, the existing holes in the PowerBook version of SCSI2SD align perfectly (in my Duo at least).
    • Everything you see in the pics is sheet metal, mostly stainless and Hot-rolled Pickled and Oiled steel.  There is a little copper medallion as well.  The big booth is just a lot of steel panels welded together.   Since I didn't know what hardi panel was, I went and looked it up.  No, we don't use that at all. All of the paneling on the Strippit machines and their consoles is fiberglass.
    • Ok I'll follow up with everyone once the PCBs arrive. Right now I still have a few unclaimed.
    • That is an excellent tip.  Finding KB skins for the old keyboards is extremely difficult, and we wear right through them anyway.  It is much easier to get skins for USB keyboards. Yes it most certainly does.  The guys have worn right through the vinyl in spots.  What you see isn't really grease. it's grit and oil.  Welding and grinding are dirty jobs, and even though the welding stations are a in a different part of the shop, the grit gets everywhere.  We use a lot of pickled and oiled mild steel, and the oil gets all over everything as well.