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    • In the back when, I spent a lot of time and a bit of the filthy lucre on toys in the attempt to replace the two banks of memory in my IIsi with pairs of 32MB 72-pin SIMMs. I finally found and dug out the box playtoys last night.  Documented the more promising stuff today. We'll call this the tale of two SIMMexpanders, a remarkably incompatible and a trio of true oddballs I've yet to see IRL that make the project ring true.     The 72-pin SIMM to 30-pin Socket converters appear to be fairly high grade unobtanium ore. Searching Minden or the Model Numbers didn't find them back in the day or today for that matter.   I hit a brick wall with what I thought was the most promising SIMMextender, the ME72472, /When it arrived, I spied a GAL on board and there went that notion  .  .  .  at that time. Bolle and Co. have come a long way in cracking GALs over the last few years, so this one may pose no problem.   I fell back on the ME72272, a pair of which would work just great  .  .  .  if only they supported 32MB SIMMs. But no, it does no support them, nor does the aforementioned SIMMPlus. For some reason the decoding on the pair supports only, 1 4, 16 and 64MB SIMMs. Dunno, maybe going for a pair of 64MB a a single 128MB SIMM makes more sense? I stayed wedded to the notion of using 32MB SIMMs because someone we know is sitting upon a dragon's hoard of the things.   At any rate, now it's a free for all, no set parameters.   The SIMMextender ME72472 is pure magic according to the specs on the packaging:     It uses single OR double sided modules! Is that the same as double banked, composite or whatever? Dunno, my brain's offline ATM, so you tell me.        ME7227 in all its 32MB hostility:       Pesky SIMMplus:     Hey @trag you want I should send you some toys?   In the off chance someone thought I broke down with a case of sanity, I've got another design case in mind if nobody wants to make replacement boards for the pretty clear cases. It too would benefit from a massive reduction in PCB real estate from its highly customized SE/30 logic board. But that's for another story.        Portable MemCard is placeholder for card in Modem Slot.  
    • You can use the FreeDOS bootable floppy image from here: http://www.freedos.org/download/
    • Did you ever figure this out? I have a Startech adapter and am having a similar issue.
    • bump-- anyone got a good guide on how to make a bootable dos floppy image?
    • Ah ok.  For some reason I was trying to push it in, not pull it out.  Not my brightest moment...