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    • At the next Apple shareholder meeting, someone will stand up and shout ”We have enough iPhones and MacBooks!! Let’s get into the retro computer market!!”
    • Florida. Also wow had no idea the resistance would matter to that degree.
    • I ordered some 47uF ±10% 16V 1.5 Ω and they did not play well on the Q610.  They were these ones: https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Tantalum-Capacitors_CEC-Shenzhen-Zhenhua-XinYun-Elec-CA45-D-16V-47uF-K_C140430.html   I replaced them with 47uF ±10% 16V 1 Ω @ 100kHz and it worked fine after.  They were these ones: https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Tantalum-Capacitors_Vishay-Intertech-293D476X9016C2TE3_C129697.html   So it seems the resistance matters a bit.  Also ripple seems to matter, and different caps have a different amount of ripple.   Where are you located ?
    • There was some corrosion on them. I pulled off all the chips in that area as they all had some corrosion and then I cleaned under and then replaced with new. Soft power worked perfectly after that.  
    • I really like this!   I have a literal box full of 500 series display plastics which are broken in this manner, and it would be nice to be able to reuse them.   Do you think your 140/170 piece will fit unmodified into a 150?  I ask because the plastics of my 150 pretty much shattered.   c