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    • Can you tell just by the serial number if an Apple Lisa mouse was made for the Lisa 1 or was made during it’s time? They’re probably all look the same for all versions of Lisa but I just want to know. 
    • The paths open up in AI9, but the nice type devolves into simple paths. This is doable, below is only a screen shot. Components and connectors on yours are missing, bitmap overlays? line weights and colors are easily fixed. Which pages line up in what order to left and right of this page?       Three layers showing control signals on one layer with data and address buses on the other two for viewing individually might be helpful?
    • Made a major purchase that I wanted ever since I first heard about the 550c from the Cult of Mac book years ago -   I picked up a Powerbook 550c with the box and manuals for a grayscale 520 for $350 shipped from Japan.   It had some minor cosmetic damage to the screen from a leaking PRAM battery ("vinegar syndrome"), unfortunately, but otherwise is in pretty great shape! Already upgraded it to 40MB of RAM and the original 750 MB HD works great.    
    • As mentioned it was an official upgrade, replacing the ROMs and the IWM for a SWIM, usually replacing one of the floppy drives with an FDHD unit (complete with a sticker to go on the case) and leaving the other as an 800k.   They rearranged the acronym with the FDHD system: originally an Integrated Woz Machine, it became the Super Woz Integrated Machine. I guess it flowed better than SIWM would have.
    • I used to have the 72-pin to 30-pin expanders, but I gave them away (don't remember who.)   However, I have a bunch of the 30-pin to 30-pin expanders so you can use lower capacity SIMMs.  I also have a set of SIMM doublers for the IIfx that lets you use 2 SIMMs per slot.