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    • Pretty sure this sound isn’t good. It’s a 128k with a monster Mac 2mb upgrade board with scsi. it powers on to a checkerboard pattern and this sound. I’m not powering it on anymore, just to get a quick video. 
           Any and all help would be greatly appreciated - if anyone has a monster Mac 2mb upgrade and could share pictures and experiences that would be great. tom IMG_2541.MOV
    • Just curious, did you get these risers made, and if so, are you planning on selling any? I'm definitely interested in one, while I initially didn't want to spend a lot of cash on my rather poor condition 6100, I've slowly fallen into the trap of wanting to kit out yet another computer, and those HPV/AV cards aren't crazy expensive. Those risers are hard to find, so getting a freshly made one would be cool! 
    • RAM looks surprisingly fine. PSU and analog board look fine. Floppy is rusted in so not hopeful.
    • When you see rust on the bottom of the board there’s not much to pray for... I‘d still clean it up but there’s no chance this board will work again. Scrap any chips that are still good and get on the lookout for a replacement.
    • A Maxell bomb - so sad. Still, be postive. Give it a good scrub with vinegar and hope & pray that none of the traces are damaged.