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    • Filter, yes, that perhaps too. The thing I don’t get is why there is a green ground wire, like others that have the ground embedded in it, that is clipped on both ends  (the copper nubs at the ends), and the actual ground wire is soldered directly to the ground terminal of the power cable connector. Did someone mod this thing to just bypass the ring, or what happened here?
    • Oh, this is a very clean and neat approach.  I like it a lot.
    • Very nice. I did something similar here but just cut down a small piece of wooden dowel rod. Yours looks neater. Here’s mine:    
    • Last night I tested connecting sense0 and sense1 (pin 4 and 7) with no effect at all.   So can we conclude, that only connected to an original Radius pivot monitor the monitor can do it's magic during rotation on some sense lines on the card (which we do not know) and there is no way, to simulate this with, say a switch, and all we pivot SE/30 owners have to live with the stretched portrait mode on modern vga tft displays, except for those, who own the HDMI scaler?   End of story, hmm?
    • Yes in 2012, but to be honest very few services were still available at that date.   Yes again:   https://medium.com/@cq94/re-creation-annuaire-electronique-minitel-fb59a843e86c   Even using the real thing   https://www.journaldulapin.com/2017/09/24/serveur-minitel/   The Minitel was said to have been an inspiration for the Macintosh (the CRT is the same size, casing has a proper handle and vents are all around)   I have got a Djinn by the way, cute but useless...