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    • Here's a SoundBlaster compatible ISA card:   https://blog.tindie.com/2020/07/pci-blasterboard-stands-in-for-a-sound-blaster-on-old-machines/
    • I had no idea any Pivot card might be capable of outputting anything more than 832x624@75Hz in 8biit)16" Color (Fixed Res Mac Monitor Standard) and I don't think what you guys are seeing is real, I'm guessing that's a readout of the way the monitor is (mis)scaling the card's output to full screen and that very strange number reportage is a red herring?   What are the native resolutions of the panels you guys are running?   And you're welcome! Eventually search will turn up links to URLs that actually load. Still figuring out the symptoms to do a report. All my bookmarks to older threads are broken ATM and recovering the URLs from Properties (Firefox/Win10) erratically works with Google. Building a new links network seems to work fine.   edit: still AM fuzzy in PM mode. What resolutions are the Pivot Card versions supposed to output? I'll let you search through the Pivot Q&As if you've not yet done so.
    • But no matter which dip switches I choose on my vga adapter, I always end up with a resolution of 1152x864 like Bolle. Is that due to a lack of radius drivers or a problem with the vga adapter? 
    • yea its just a filter choke. kind of a bad one at that since you already have one just above it. Oh well, wanted to make sure it passed FCC checks regardless.