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    • Nope, it's only compatible through OS 7.1, and was never made for any PPC.  There is a NuBus Comm card inside the IIci/IIsi that connects to a motion board inside the console.  We were told we couldn't update the Mac to a newer model due to the way the comm card and the motion board communicate to the servos on the machine.  Strippit did make a model that was compatible with a Quadra 650, but that machine came with different servos, therefor a different communication card that wasn't compatible with the servos on our machines.
    • Tried a fresh install of 7.5.3 (upgraded to 7.5.5) with OT 1.2, still experiencing the same issue of the SE/30 not seeing AppleTalk zones.   For now I think I'm going to abandon this project. I *could* try a 10mbit hub or something... maybe on a rainy day
    • Well by a weird series of events that began with looking at Radeon cards, I appear to now have a Sonnet G4 1Ghz on it's way to me. So that is going to be interesting.
    • How about connecting a Floppy Emu to the second floppy connector? Simple and flexible.
    • Yeah I can't imagine it'd be anything else (floppy drives are floppy drives), and probably less of an issue for the Portables than for the PB's. Anyway, a seller on eBay is offering 343S0061-A's for $10 (or make an offer, which I did), so one's on the way. I'll update once it's in.