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    • Ok I'll follow up with everyone once the PCBs arrive. Right now I still have a few unclaimed.
    • That is an excellent tip.  Finding KB skins for the old keyboards is extremely difficult, and we wear right through them anyway.  It is much easier to get skins for USB keyboards. Yes it most certainly does.  The guys have worn right through the vinyl in spots.  What you see isn't really grease. it's grit and oil.  Welding and grinding are dirty jobs, and even though the welding stations are a in a different part of the shop, the grit gets everywhere.  We use a lot of pickled and oiled mild steel, and the oil gets all over everything as well.
    • Nope, it's only compatible through OS 7.1, and was never made for any PPC.  There is a NuBus Comm card inside the IIci/IIsi that connects to a motion board inside the console.  We were told we couldn't update the Mac to a newer model due to the way the comm card and the motion board communicate to the servos on the machine.  Strippit did make a model that was compatible with a Quadra 650, but that machine came with different servos, therefor a different communication card that wasn't compatible with the servos on our machines.
    • Tried a fresh install of 7.5.3 (upgraded to 7.5.5) with OT 1.2, still experiencing the same issue of the SE/30 not seeing AppleTalk zones.   For now I think I'm going to abandon this project. I *could* try a 10mbit hub or something... maybe on a rainy day
    • Well by a weird series of events that began with looking at Radeon cards, I appear to now have a Sonnet G4 1Ghz on it's way to me. So that is going to be interesting.