I got my Mac Plus booting from the SCSI2SD today. It was a chore, mostly because there were a few things I didn't know or had long forgotten about the early Macs & SCSI and the drive needs the early version of Apple HD SC Setup to allow the Plus to boot from the volume. (Because I believe the SCSI driver has to load from the disk. I used to know this, years ago.) I used Version 7.0 from the System 7 install. In the SCSI2SD settings I tried several of the drive models from the list posted on the previous page but I could only find a couple that the early setup software would recognize. I ended up using SEAGATE ST250N and setting the volume size to 40mb in the SCSI2SD and the drive was recognized by the Apple HD SC Setup. This gave me a 40mb volume. Ok fine, initialized, loaded System 6.0.8, and bam, I'm booting. Proof of concept achieved!   BUT I want a larger drive for the Plus. So I went into the Version 7.0 of the Apple HD SC Setup to look at the names of the supported drives. (Resedit! I'm way having flashbacks!) It looks like 80mb is the largest drive supported by this version. Here is the list.  SEAGATE           ST225N
QUANTUM P80S 980-80-94
QUANTUM P40S 940-40-94
CDC 94221-5
CONNER CP3045-mb-3.5
QUANTUM LP40S 940409404   Anyway, now that I've figured out how to get the SCSI2SD working with a Plus I'm going to experiment a bit and see how large a volume I can make bootable. I'll have to look at the 7.1 version of drive setup and see what's in there. Oh, also, there's a new version of firmware, 4.8, available for the SCSI2SD that apparently adds some more Apple-specific features.