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    • Hello everyone! I have a SE/30 that boots from the internal HDD only if a ZIP drive is connected. I initially thought it may have something to do with bad traces on the motherboard (and still haven't checked since it is not my area of expertise), but then I remembered: the HDD is a Seagate 8GB drive taken from an external Lacie enclosure. Is it possible that I have to terminate it with the switches present on the HDD? I found the manual for the drive but I am unsure on how to proceed. Maybe it has nothing to do with this, but the jumper plug on J2 is set to "term power from drive". Should I set it to "terminator enable", another setting or leave it as it is? Mine is the "N" model. Thanks.
    • Very nicely done! If even some of the parts work eventually, it’s a win.   As for grounding, I rig up the resistor and screwdriver to the grounding wire I have straight to the wall outlet. No chance of frying anything.
    • Macintosh LC
      Macintosh LC II
      Macintosh LC III
      Macintosh LC III+
      Performa 450
      LC 475
      Performa 475
      Quadra 605   Probably some I'm missing here. Apple's product lines were crazy.
    • One website you probably wouldn't buy from is selling it for $75, even if was available it'll cost you a lot more time and money to reproduce.  As the the precious USB cycles thing?   Perhaps look out for a junker PCIe G5 with the card - G5s can be found pretty cheaply if picked up locally.
    • Yes, common issue as well.   Well done.