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    • I’m overhauling a Plus analog board to be the rig for my test stand. Previous owner said it didn’t work. I’ll recap obviously in case it is just that. I noticed something I found peculiar: I’ll admit, I never really understood what this iron ring with wires is except to maybe generate a magnetic field? However, I’ve never seen it with clipped, disconnected ends. Is that normal?
    • Mine has an AM386SX, though its soldered directly to the board. I'm fairly certain mine can only take 8mb because the few times it booted with the 64mb of ram in it, it would get to 79XXkb before failing at address F300 along with a bunch of the text being garbled or missing (ram compatibility issue maybe?). Then the mac stopped recognizing the orangepc card all together unless I went back with the two 512kb sticks that I got it with.    Honestly, that is a good question. Really depends what hardware it is able to share with the mac and what is done directly off the orangepc card. I kind of wanted to get a creative sound blaster AWE64 gold card with a retro ram upgrade, however, whats the point of having good sound when you're limited to 320x180(?) graphics? I'm not looking for wonders out of this card video-wise, just trying to think what would work best, as well as what will fit. The q950 may have several nubus slots, but I am unsure how the orangePC card will fit in the case with another card hanging out of the ISA slot, fighting for space with my thunder/24 card and my 66mhz PDS card.
    • That G3 is a nice find - it works, its loaded up with memory, software and it has great plastics.  It even even came with a SCSI CD burner... and alcohol!  I'm envious.   I'm also going to see if I can include wine/beer in my future deals.   The folks in Europe really know how to do things right!  
    • Thanks trag!   The interesting thing about the G4s was that if a new G4 with L2 cache was attached to a new CPU board it would treat the former L2 as L3 cache.  I was hoping that was the case with the G3s.
    • Vague warning that the 128ke is not a great setup - as I recall the 128k ROM loads HFS into RAM, or something, eating up precious kilobytes?