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DIP switch settings for Mac to VGA adapter

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I'll assume I008com's mac in question is the 7300 in their signature, yes?

Looks like the resolution should go up that high even with only 2 MB of VRAM (albeit at 256 colors...).

Another option, which might be a long shot, would be a Radius Pivot cable (at least that's what mine was hand-labeled as...), which is a standard DB-15 male to HD-15 male and no PCB trickery in between:

It's worked, plug-n-play, on every Power Mac I have (4400, PowerWave*, PMG3MT) connected to my Sony TFT display. The display in question might be the bigger X-factor in this case, however. From either control strip or the monitors control panel, you should have access to every resolution/refresh combo the monitor can handle (and in some cases more than it can handle...) Can't attest to any CRT performance, sadly.

*the PowerWave requires a PCI video card. The from-factory option (I think) was a Mach64.

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