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    • Just had a look, unfortunately the only lid's I have got have broken screw mounts (I guess that's why they are spare) and I don't seem to have any LCD cables at all. I'll have another quick look around as I am sure I had more parts than I have found but I am not hopeful that I'll find anything else
    • Yes, it does have USB and I think I can make out a date of 2000 on the short board plugged into the front..  Looks to have Ethernet, USB and 9-pin serial?  The short board also has pins for RX TX and GND.  I cannot make out the name on the board but it's something like SW0... V0.3 and it is copyright Apple.  So it is made by Apple.  
    • MiniVmac will not write floppies. As far as I know Basilisk is able to read and write mac drives. Perhaps you can use your ZIp drive in this way.
    • HFSExplorer can write mac floppies on a PC. I did that a lot of times in the beginning when I did not have an ethernet card in my SE/30. But the usage is a little bit difficult and files with more than 1.4 MB can not be used or you have to split them.
    • vMac won't recognize floppy drives; it only works with disk images, which doesn't exactly get you far.   Bare with me, I have always had other Macs to do this with, so I hope others will chime in here as well. I know for sure there is some utility that will create floppies on a PC just by writing straight out. Another option: look at this article. You can use Mini vMac to help you and then use 10.8 to write a floppy with the terminal:   https://www.emaculation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=8208