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    • Unfortunately, I believe that Time Capsules will not serve AFP versions old enough to be used by OS 9, so you're best off using this as-is as a Time Capsule for networked Time Machine or as a generic file share, or for generic networking purposes.   From browsing around, it looks like some of these support fairly large disks, although  it doesn't look like anybody has categorized the information for all of them at once. One thing that I haven't found yet is whether or not they can do, like, mirroring or a backup from the internal disk to an external one, so it might  be worth using caution if you use it as a generic network share.     If you don't need its disk/time machine functionality: The next best overall use for it would probably be if you wanted an unsecured 802.11B network, you could pull the disk out and use it that way. (or leave the disk in, to be honest). (Airport Expresses as ethernet bridges are probably an overall better idea, especially anywhere with any kind of density at all where running an unsecured network without other precautions, can be a bad idea.)   EDIT: W/re Mac backup functionality, I'm using/trialing a 2011 mini for this, with its internal boot disk upgraded to a 2TB model and a 3TB external disks for backup of the internal disk, and it's slow, but it does work. MacWorld has suggested people look to move away from Time Capsues - though, I don't think Apple has given any indication that they're going to stop supporting them.   Also, looking at info on how to upgrade these flat models, it looks like this is, not futile per se, but a really annoying process, so maybe just leave the original disk in place until it dies, if you decide to do anything with it.
    • thanks jessenator and paws, and yeah the adb port is still there so I may as well as rather just use that alone
    • Well here’s the before pic of the PMGR and VIA and they don’t look obviously eroded by capacitor venom. Pulled both and cleaned up the pads, no eaten tracks under the chips so I fear I have reached a temporary hiatus until I can try another PMGR. Oh well,  Color Classic time...
    • I'll try to tackle cleaning and lubricating the disk drives in December when I have a lot of down time. I'm just not the most mechanically inclined, and I have a habit of messing something up or skipping over a crucial step. But I'll give it a try and follow along with the video. After all, I'm really trying to learn the ropes of the hobby.   As for the bag, should I be able to wash it in the "high efficiency" front-load machines in our building, with a little bit of detergent? I'm guessing just put it on the "normal" setting for 30 minutes with cold water? Thankfully it appears I have a box that it *should* fit into - I can check later. Should giving it a wash take some of the cigarette/nicotine odor out?   A user on Reddit recently suggested using an "Air Sponge" to get the nicotine smell out, which may work for the bag if washing doesn't work. It'd be great if that worked on the computer and peripherals, too - so I don't have to completely disassemble it to clean the plastics and/or replace parts. But, as previously mentioned, I don't think I'd go that far on the SE - at least not right now.