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Found 8 results

  1. DesignComplex

    512k Mac’s-a-Million Upgrade

    Hey all, I bought a pallet of old macs from a warehouse sale, and one of the machines was an old 512k with some weird upgrades. It looks like someone added more RAM and a SCSI port (which was threaded through the external floppy port hole). I can’t tell if this is one upgrade or two. I’d like to get this little machine working again, but it looks like whoever upgraded this machine made some strange changes to the motherboard, so I’m not sure if they can be undone. Is anyone familiar with these upgrades? The RAM upgrade is called Mac’s-a-Million by Sophisticated Circuits. The SCSI upgrade board seems to be from Relax. Both are circa 1986, and I haven’t been able to find any info about either company. Is anyone familiar with these, or the companies that made them? I’m not sure if I want to keep the upgrades, so I may just want to disassemble them completely, but I’d like to get more info before I make any decisions. When it powers up, there are no chimes, but I there is something on screen which suggests that there is a problem with either the RAM or ROMs. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Photos are attached! Thanks!
  2. I got it. I am overly pleased to say the least. by the way, did I mention I got all of this for $300? everything is in mint/brandnew condition. Everything. Zero corrosion anywhere and besides the slight yellowing, its basically brand new. The mouse and keyboard, software, and the entire macintosh and carying bag are mint. The software is still sealed and also looks brand new. The motherboard is the old one with the purple ceramic CPU. The CRT is also one I have not seen yet and has a slightly more yellow tint to the picture. There is no burn in and the screen is very bright, Brighter than my 512ke. The picture is slightly warped and rotated and IDK how to fix this. It also has a Macsnap 2mb upgrade board which is awesome as I can just pop it into any 512k board and upgrade the ram without soldering. The old ram was upgraded on the board from 128k to 512k as removing the macsnap results in 512k of reported ram. The floppy drive is also the 800k drive which I want to replace with the original 400k drive and sled. If anyone has one to sell. Please email me at zastin17@gmail.com. I have not been able to get the hard drive to work but I have no idea how to use it in the first place so I will look into that. The clock battery believe it or not still has a charge. One thing I thought was odd was the dark amber colored flyback suction cup which is usually black, I think. However its definitely original as all the components used on the anolog board are from the time period and non of which have been replaced. The CRT seems to be different then anything else on the newer macintoshes and is Made by Samsung. The scsi board has the rom chips which are marked "apple 84-86" which are upgraded to obviously make the 800k drive work. Also what is the little board soldered near the ram? Anything else I should check? serial numbers ect? The crazy part is the seller lost over $100 in shipping. I paid $100 for shipping and it cost over $200 to ship. Se he only made a little over $100 in profit which I kind of feel bad as he did not know how to use ebay properly.
  3. jefframsey

    512Ke w/ Upgrade

    This week I am working away from home and I found an ad on OfferUp with someone selling a Mac 512K for $10 - As-is/Parts Only. When I picked it up, I saw it was a 512Ke model and had a nice little SCSI port on the back over top of the battery cover! SCSI upgrade inside maybe? Turns out a 10 year old kid was selling the machine. He offered me a huge box of Mac software and manuals (all original, no copies) with the machine, and I felt like showing him that this type of generosity was a very big deal, coming from a young kid. So I gave him an extra $10. Got to my hotel, and the first thing I did was open up the battery cover and remove the battery - just a slight bit of green leakage. A bit of ISO 91% and we were good there. I opened up the case, and promptly found that there was a processor socket installed and an upgrade card that had 4 30pin RAM sockets filled with two 1mb ram sticks. This machine was the cleanest vintage Mac I have ever opened! After I did a quick wipe down with the 91%, I put everything back together and inserted a 4.1 system disk that I had made before leaving the house (you know, just in case I ended up buying the machine.) It booted up to the desktop with no issues at all and ran fine. I do not currently have a working keyboard or mouse so all I could do is power it back off via the switch. The seller had told me that the machine only boots to a 'Sad Mac screen' so I was feeling that good karma coming back to me in a big way by this time. The second night in the hotel I powered it up and let it sit there for about 30 minutes. It started to get fairly warm on the side with the power circuitry and then the screen started doing some strange things. I rebooted it with the switch and it booted to the 'Welcome to Macintosh" screen and then started to glitch again. I powered it off for the night. I am guessing that there are a few capacitors/etc. that will need to be replaced on that board. Aside from that, it was upgraded to the equivalent of a Mac Plus and has 2mb of RAM in it. I think it is salvageable and should make a great addition to my collection. With no hard drive, it will run all of the apps/games that do not run well on my SE, mostly due to the fact that the SE has 7.1.1 on it. Dark Castle comes to mind. It wants to run on System 6, so has to be booted from floppy. This will be a great machine for such programs to run on. Where would you guys look first for that overheating issue? I do not see any bulged caps, but of course, they still could be bad.
  4. Hi guys, I just bought a DP 800 G4 and I want to replace the videocard. According to Wikipedia the DP800 can use a Geforce 3 (64MB) I do see the odd comment online about using higher spec videocards though (like an FX5500) I plan to use OS 9.2.2 on this machine and use it primarily for games. Anyone have any experience on maxing out a G4 with 9.2.2? Also, anyone know of any guides to flash a Geforce card to work with Macs? Thanks again ahead of time.
  5. Hi all, I'm new here and I'm fairly new to Macs, so I apologize for any things I might not say or do correctly in advance! I also apologize for asking you all this newbie tech support question haha. I bought this barely used iMac G3 from someone on EBay a while back, and it came with OS 9.2.2. I am trying to install OS 10.3 on it. It has 128 MB RAM, 10 GB storage and is an grape slot-loading model. I came across Panther full install 3 disk CDs from a friend but they were copied disks of the originals so there wasn't any labels or information on the disks. When I started the installation from within OS 9 and when a window prompted me to click the "Restart" button to begin the installation process, I did. It restarted and a light grey screen with the dark grey Apple logo appeared, along with a loading circle. I waited for about 10 minutes and it was still doing the same thing. I tried restarting it while holding down the "C" key and it did the same thing. That time I waited an hour and still no luck. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Any advice is appreciated!
  6. Simon_Carr

    Upgrading/Refurbishing a Classic

    Hello All, Having finally maxed out my Centris 650 (just awaiting the delivery of my final bank of 64Mb of RAM to top it out at a full 136Mb), I'm now turning my attention to my lovely little Mac Classic that was recently given to me by a friend who has had it since new. It is completely original, with a 40Mb Quantum HDD and came with the fully expanded RAM board, which is nice: my friend said that he never had a problem with it that required any maintenance or repair, and he has had it under a dust cover in his office since 1991. As with all my retro computer rebuilds (I also have a collection of Sinclair ZX Spectrums, ZX81s and QLs), when I refurbish them, I like to do everything together, so that once rebuilt, the computer is as upgraded as possible as well as fully refurbished. I appreciate that the expansion and upgrade options on a Mac Classic are very limited, so I am just looking to see whether my list below is comprehensive in terms of what can be realistically done to the Classic whilst I have it in bits: 1: Replace PRAM battery (done immediately when I received it! First time the Mac had ever been opened up since being assembled!) 2: Replace SMD Electrolytic caps on Logic Board 3: Replace Electrolytic caps on Analog Board 4: Replace Quantum HDD with a SCSI2SD unit 5: clean everything 6: err.....? Is that it? I'm not interested in turning it into a FrankenMac by completely changing its innards: I like the idea of a simple Mac Classic in the manner its creator intended, but is there anything else I should look at doing while I have it in pieces?
  7. Three networking card options are readily available to add ethernet to Color Classic via PDS: Farallon Ethermac LC AsanteLite LC Apple Ethernet Twisted Pair LC What I can't seem figure out is which of the three is best and most reliable, not to mention multi system version compatible. Anyone have any advice? I am going to use it on a LC550 upgraded CC.
  8. I recently got the 12" 100mhz Compatibility card and it has 2 slots for VIDEO DRAM chips, I see the specs, does anyone know of a good source for the proper chip? Here is a photo for reference. Photo Source : http://www.forcedperfect.net/hardware/cards/100mhz12inchpccard/