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Found 8 results

  1. SE30_Neal

    Se/30 sound

    Is if normal for se/30’s to crackle on certain games but not others? Lemmings is fine but duel isn’t as an example. any ideas or could the sound chip be on its way out?
  2. AlexTheCat123

    Macintosh Color Classic Sound Issue

    Hello! I recently purchased a broken Color Classic off of eBay and it arrived in the mail a few days ago. The capacitors on the logic board are leaky and I ran the board through the dishwasher to get all of the goo off. After doing this, I managed to get the computer to work and I plan to recap the logic board in the next few weeks. However, the sound suddenly stopped working when I booted it up today and at first I thought that the volume was just turned down. After turning it up, there was still no boot chime or any audio of any sort. Then I realized that the Color Classic was producing sound, but it was so quiet that even the case fan in the computer overpowered it. Trying to narrow down the cause of the problem, I plugged headphones into the machine and powered it up, hoping for the best. I got a perfect boot chime at normal volume! This leads me to believe that the logic board is not the culprit, although I still plan to recap it since the capacitors were leaky. I have a suspicion that the analog board is causing the problem and that it needs a recap. Can someone confirm this before I order a bunch of capacitors and start the painstaking process of replacing all of the caps on the analog board? It would be great if someone could point out the capacitors on the analog board that deal with the audio so that I would only have to replace those. Also, if I am on the wrong track and the problem is something totally different, please let me know! Thanks! Alex
  3. Hi all! I just got a beautiful Classic II! (ok I know I need to recap it as soon as possible) Turned it on and worked. But I opened it to do a quick checkup and probably I was the first person to do it. It had no marks inside at all, everything was in its perfect position. Just some dust but not that much. I looked at the mainboard and there is no sign of leakage but as soon as I return from my one week trip to Rio de Janeiro I will recap it. I just washed the board, let it dry for a couple of days and it is still working. But I noticed it doesn't do the chime startup sound. There is no sound at all. Even inside the system (7.0.1). I tried to check the volume using sound control panel but it gives an error message: Maybe a faulty IC? Or just recapping will do the job? And I have a question: I networked it with my Beige G3 Desktop running OS 9.2.2, using a simple printer cable via parallel localtalk and was able to receive some files from it. The question is: can I browse the web on Classic II using this setup, the G3 providing some sort of bridge between its ethernet and the localtalk? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have a Kanga that is in good working order, but I think the two speakers above the keyboard are not functioning. Is there any way to run diagnostics on the individual speakers or to disable the screen mounted speakers to test the keyboard mounted ones?
  5. Hi all, I've got a Mac 512K which is having sound issues with the speaker. Tried hooking up a speaker to the external audio jack, and while I do get audio, it's somewhat attenuated, and I have to crank up the volume on the speakers to hear it. Unplugging from the jack, I'm able to hear sound from the speaker, but it's very faint. (Unfortunately, I don't have a disk to generate a continuous test sound, so I'm just booting Dark Castle, and letting it play the intermittent audio from the splash screen.) One other odd thing: Seems like I'm getting some sort of feedback from the disk on the audio signal, as changes in the drive motor speed, or head movement are generating short beeps out the audio. Tried a MacPlus logic board with the existing power board, and that works fine, at least telling me the female side of J7 and the cable to the power board (and thus the speaker) are fine. Also, I was able to probe PA0:2 (pins 2 thru 4) of the VIA and see them all asserted. Thus, the paths in the 4016 for the three volume-adjust resistors are all active, effectively setting the volume to its highest. (Verified this by tweaking the volume settings in Dark Castle, and saw the changes reflected in the VIA pins.) Thought it might be the external audio jack, as I believe it has some mechanism to cut out the internal speaker when an external is hooked up. I do, however, get continuity when checking between R7 and R1, with no external speaker. So, seems like that's not an issue. Any thoughts? Without another Mac 512K logic board to probe how things should be for a working board, I'm somewhat stuck.
  6. GetTaDaChopa

    Mouse and Sound settings not saving

    Hey, You guys may know​ whats wrong. 2 of my macs (Macintosh plus and Macinotsh Classic II) have an issue saving changes to the sound and mouse settings. the mac plus is running System 6 and Class II is running System 7 and both have the same issue. No matter how much I adjust the mouse or the volume shut the computer down and upon the next boot up its defaults back to the original setting. whats the deal? My macintosh SE with system 6 has no such issue. ive tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas.... well I ve reainstalled the os and still same thing.
  7. I'm hoping for some SE/30 expertise. I installed a 32-bit, third-party ROM into my SE/30. The system powered on and I heard the chime, but it was very staticky. The system booted just fine, but the speakers continued to put out static, and the real sound faded down to almost nothing. I quickly powered off the system and replaced the third-party ROM SIMM with the original. Unfortunately the static continued and got progressively worse. The sound is now gone completely... Before installing the third-party ROM SIMM, I had recapped the board, and the sound was loud and clear (and static free). I recapped the board again after the sound died, still no change. I can no longer hear the startup chime or get any sound whatsoever, and I still hear a lot of static from the speakers. The system boots and functions perfectly otherwise (no SCSI, LocalTalk or any other issues I've noticed). I tried installing the board in my other SE/30, and same issues (eliminating the analog board from the problem). Any ideas? Thanks in advance! BTW, great forum!
  8. Hi there. Was wondering if anyone has heard of Macintosh speakers going bad. I have a G3 desktop Macintosh with the oblong speaker in that beige casing. Anyways turning the volume up makes it sound bad, almost like the voice coil is blown but I hear no rubbing from the speaker by manually moving the diaphragm of the speaker. I don't really wanna cut the cord from it as I have another speaker that size but with a bigger magnet and different ohms. It wont fit into that beige casing if I do so. Anyone else have one and can comment on the sound of the G3? Its the flat one that the case slides off. Thank you so much. Nick.