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Found 41 results

  1. I have recently have been looking for a boot disk for the Macintosh plus and stumbled across a post of someone using a SCSI IOmega zip drive to download System 7 and boot a Macintosh. is this possible? And can someone explain it to me? and is it easy?
  2. I bought an IIfx yesterday, probably none-working since the ad stated untested. What caught my interest was the Nubus cards, in this case, four of them. So far I have roughly identified three of them, I think, as one Ultra-wide SCSI controller card and two graphics card, but the fourth one was tricky for me. In my haste, I thought it was a Rocket because of the onboard sim slots and lack of output in the back. What could it be? I have yet to receive the parcel. Thanks!
  3. Just this christmas I got a macintosh se/30. I did a recap on it to bring back the sound and to bring back the occasional boot issues with the internal scsi. The internal scsi boots fine now no matter what, but neither my external scsi or external floppy ports boot. The machine starts up and when any external sources is in it gives the flashing floppy. Now I know its not the floppy since Its a emu and it works on my se and my plus. And I know its not my external scsi because It works fine when I use it on my other machines and it works when I put it in the machine. And yes there isn't the slightest of corrosion on the board, I was so surprised to see it in such good condition inside. I have cleaned both the ram slots and the ram. I also cleaned the slot for the rom and the rom itself. It boots fine with an internal but not external. It sees its there because it freezes at boot up to try and boot from the sources but it just wont from either.
  4. SE30_Neal

    Assigning SCSI chains

    hi guys, I’m looking to daisy chain SCSI peripherals to my SE/30, i’ve not done this before and could do with some advise as i notice some of the peripherals require assigning a scsi daisy chain number others don’t, i have the following:- -Zip100 no scsi assignment number -AVID external HHD has assignment number. -Apple 300 CD-ROM has assignment number. -None branded CD-ROM no assignment number. -UMAX Astra 610 Flatbed scanner also has assignment number. i would like to set up the daisy chain to my SE/30 so questions are: 1.) do i have to set them up in any kind of priority order, ie those with auto numbering first or hhd first 2.) do i need to have them in order of the chain ie if say the avid hhd is first link in chain that must be 1 i know the last in chain requires a terminator which is fine as i have one. any advice of setup would be most helpful. thanks Neal
  5. Just as the topic asks, has anyone tried using a rounded scsi cable for their SCSI2SD or even just normal internal scsi hdd? I don't love the idea of twisting the flat cable to orientate it correctly in my SE/30. I remember in the past buying roudned IDE cables but I'm having trouble finding SCSI. Any thought or advice?
  6. Hi 69kmla community! Having some trouble figuring out how to format and initialise an external SCSI HDD (GCC Technologies UltraDrive 45) with Apple HD SC setup 2.0.3 on a Macintosh Plus from 1986 with 4MB of RAM. I read elsewhere that i need HD SC setup version 3.0 to recognise non-Apple SCSI external HDD to boot on it the system. And that 3.0 version work with System 7.0. I have System 6.0.8 on a DD Floppy Disk. The external 45MB HDD use 50pins connector with a passive SCSI terminator. The lights blinks when Mac Plus boot up and trying to find System files and also when trying to search for SCSI drives with Apple HD SC Setup but never recognised. So i need an DD 720k disk with HD SC Setup and another one with System 7 to start formatting this non apple hdd? Thank you, restoring this gift.
  7. Hello guys Maybe someone had similiar problem and know the solution. I have a small external SCSI CD-ROM Drive Panasonic / Matshita KXL-810AN. It can be attached on PCMCIA SCSI-II Card or straight to Macintosh SCSI-Port with an 25pol to 50pol SCSI Cable / Adapter. I try to get it running on my PowerBook 2400c under MacOS 9.2.2 I didn't get any CDs mounted, because there is no driver. I have Pioneer CD-ROM Driver installed, it works with the Pioneer drives only, and not with Panasonic drive. I also modified the standard Apple CD/DVD Driver, like discribed here: Modify Apple's CD/DVD drivers to mount third party drives. Has someone maybe an idea?
  8. So I recently acquired a powerpc 8100/110 the hard drive soon broke but fortunately I had a 600 megabyte Drive. But of course with this was supposed to be a 2GB Drive and there is very little space to store anything. And I begin to look around and scsi drives are pretty expensive. But like every retro computer nerd I have a stack of IDE drives at my disposal.But of course there's no way to just slap a IDE drive into a SCSI bus. So I began to look at some I need you to SCSI bridge adapters. Now there are plenty and most of them that are listed are made by acard. But almost all of the bridge cards are extremely expensive to the point of being illogical. But some are $60 or around that price range, still this isn't a great deal. So I was wondering does anyone know of any affordable solutions to have an IDE work on a SCSI bus?
  9. Hello As everyone knows SCSI hard drives are becoming scarce and there are SCSI to memory cards but how about SCSI to IDE. I think this would be a pretty good solution. Has anyone installed one of these on their vintage scsi only macs? The first one I found on using google shows that these are not cheap. Any good source to consider, any where in EU or N.AM would be good.
  10. Folks.... I need some help with the correct name/nomenclature of some SCSI connectors. I am trying to plug a SCSI CD drive into the back of my Color Classic. Photo sphoto1 shows the SCSI cable connectors on the back of a CD drive. The SCSI connectors are small at about 1 and 5/8th of a inch long. Photo sphoto2 shows the SCSI cable coming from the back of my Color Classic. It is quite wide at about 2 and 1/2 inches. Is the SCSI connector in the back of my CC called a "50 pin Centronics"? What is the name of the SCSI connector on the back of my CD drive? I saw this SCSI adapter on ebay and wondered if it would work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HPDB50-SCSI-2-Male-to-CN50-SCSI-1-Female-Adapter-CablesOnline-AD-S05/272707095673 What I really want to buy is a cable with the correct head at one end to plug into the back of my CC, and the other end to plug into the back of the CD drive. Can anyone point me to one? Also, I need to buy a terminating resistor (I think) that would plug into the back of the CD drive. But I can't buy one because I do not know what the SCSI connector is called. Help appreciated. Thanks mraroid
  11. I had a few LCII and LCIII back in the day, and I'm sure I tested more than one drive on the internal 50pin SCSI bus, but I can't remember if it worked?
  12. Hello everyone, I hope someone has a good idea for my little problem... I recently acquired a Quadra 630 and, unfortunately, it did not come with a CD-ROM drive, so I purchased one on eBay (AppleCD 300i Plus). The SCSI bridge was broken during shipping and I tried to plug it in just in case it still worked, but the computer did not even see the drive. I noticed that whenever the non-working drive was plugged in the computer, my external ZIP drive wouldn't work (the extension had a red X at boot), but when the CD-ROM was unplugged, it was working. Since the ZIP drive uses SCSI ID 5 or 6, and the CD-ROM uses 3, I assumed there was an issue with the termination jumper so I removed it from the CD-ROM. Alas, despite my best efforts at fixing the bridge, the CD-ROM never worked, so I unplugged it, and replugged my ZIP drive this morning only to see that it too was not being recognized by the Mac. SCSIProbe sees something at ID 5 but cannot give any details (while it did not see anything at all for the CD-ROM), and reinstalling the Iomega driver and even the system folder did not solve the issue. The computer says no ZIP drive is connected. I guess there was a short circuit or something coming from the damaged bridge, it is possible that at one point pin 13 touched pin 11 and maybe pin 15 (pin 13 was broken and I tried to solder it back, it could be possible that some solder was under the pins and touched them). Would this make any sense? And if there was one, or some kind of power surge, what exactly could have been damaged on the logic board? I don't know which chip is the SCSI controller (or whatever it is called). I haven't tried zapping the PRAM since there is no battery on the logic board at the moment. If anyone has any idea, I'd be glad to hear it! If a chip is damaged if it is surface mounted I'm not sure I could fix it but it may be worth a try. I really needed the ZIP drive to work on this computer, more than the CD-ROM... Thanks in advance!
  13. CVKealey

    M2115 service manual?

    Anyone happen to have a service manual for the M2115 external SCSI HDD? I have two of them I've reassembled from pieces and can't seem to get them to work. The problem is that I can't seem to figure out where the scsi ID switch connects. I think it should connect to the drive itself, but can't see where. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I just wanted to let folks know what I came across today. https://www.anandintlinc.com/search?q=SCSI+&submit= Their contact info Email: andy@anandintlinc.com Phone: 310-541-9569
  15. Hello I have a Quadra 950 with no hard drive. I recently purchased an IBM SCSI drive, model DDRS-39130. Unfortunately the drive is 68pin female. I know that there are adapters out there but I am not sure which to get, there are so many for sale here and there that I am left confused. I love in Poland, EU but if needed, I can get this item shipped to the US. If anyone could help I would be grateful. Kind regards —Alex
  16. SuperSVGA

    SE/30 SCSI Not Detected

    I have an SE/30 that works great, except I can't get it to detect the internal SCSI hard drive. Booting from a 7.0.1 Disk Tools disk, I can run HD SC Setup but it tells me that no suitable SCSI devices were found. The drive spins up fine, but the activity light never blinks. I tried pulling a working 42 S drive from a Classic II, but it does the exact same thing as the 80 S originally in the SE/30. I thought the issue might be the caps, so I did a full recap of the logic board using the following: 1x 1uf 50v Radial Electrolytic 1x 220uf 16v Axial Electrolytic 1x 470uf 50v Axial Electrolytic 10x 47uf 16v Radial Non-Polarized Electrolytic I used SMD291 in removing the SMD Electrolytic caps and in replacing them. I also replaced the PRAM battery. Once everything was back together, I flipped the switch and... exact same issue. Except the sound works now. I forgot it was even broken. So I'm pretty much back in the same spot. There's always a chance I did something wrong, since this is the first recap I've ever done. At what points could the issue be?
  17. Ok, so, I'd like to bring this subject back up again. So far now, my Macintosh Plus, SE, Macintosh II, and now my Macintosh IIx are affected. What's happening is that one day these macs just start refusing to boot from an external SCSI HD or CD-ROM. Re-capping the logicboard does not help with this issue either. There has got to be another component on the logicboard that ages like capacitors do and fails in time, I just havent figured out what it is yet. Have any of you out there been effected by this problem?
  18. Hello again. My 3rd problem of the week so far lol. Now my Powerbook 180c will not boot from any external SCSI device. Whenever I hook a SCSI cable up to it(I have 3 of them), it wants to boot instantly into SCSI disk mode. Is there a way around this so I can reload the OS? I don't remember having this problem years ago. Thanks.
  19. Just a stab in the dark, I got a PB140 the other day (in an AS-IS basis) and surprisingly it works. But it won't boot from the hard drive. So I took it apart and poked around (after watching a few videos online). From what I can tell power is reaching the actuator arm and spindle (when I use a screwdriver to move the spindle in the centre) it seems to jump a bit (when connected with power). If I'm not mistaken, then that means that the PCB on the disk isn't sending commands to the disk? So the disk isn't spinning at startup. I'm trying to figure out if it's the PCB or the motor. If power is provided by way of the scsi connector (on the PCB), and power flows to the actuator arm (I'm assuming given my observation), can I assume that the PCB is receiving power and functioning? Is there any other indicator that a PCB is functioning? There is no indicator light on the PCB. By the way it's a Quantum Daytona 341s.
  20. And now for something strange and different. At least I think so, curious if others have seen this. A 1987 Apple Mac SCSI SC40 Tape Backup fully enclosed. Please see photos. It is unlike any tape backup I've ever seen, in that there is nowhere to put in a tape! I recently purchased this on ebay, driven by curiosity since it looked like a nice SCSI hard drive which would fit well with my vintage Macs. I googled it prior to buying, and only found the expected enclosures which accept tapes, like that shown in the link below. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Tape_Backup_40SC I tried it with a Mac IIci and was unable to get the drive recognized using LIDO which very reliably finds all my other SCSI devices. Tried a few different SCSI IDs including 2,5,6 and got either no device found or the Mac failed to boot. Opened it up and found this MONSTROUS internal Quantum drive Model Q250 which looks like an oversized hard drive and appears to be original, is it a hard drive or is it some kind of enclosed tape drive? I googled the drive number and there's a seller on ebay selling these as hard drives. So is it really just a hard drive that is intended to act like a backup? And they called it a Tape Backup? Weird. Anyway, just thought it was bizarre and unique enough to share here with fellow 68k Mac enthusiasts. Not exactly sure what I will do with it ... All the photos I've seen of the 40SC have openings for removable tapes. Any additional info on use of this internal drive is welcome. Craig
  21. jefframsey

    New Member, Old Mac SE

    Hi 68kLBA, I am new here. My name is Jeff Ramsey. I am a 38 year old IT professional, and I've been in the business around 20 years. When I was a kid in school, my first experiences with computers were with my grandmother's Commodore 64, and then I got my own Commodore 64. In grade school, we did not have Commodores, we had Apple II or Mac 512s. I envied those machines so much! They were way out of my price range, but man they were cool! Anyhow, now I have three kids and we love to play both current and retro games. At the same time, I wanted a project to do at home. Sort of a computer "hobby" project. SO I decided to start by refurbishing a Comact Mac. (Starting to sound more like my first day at Alcoholics Anonymous than my first post here at this point, huh? HI, I'm Jeff, and this is where I screwed up...) I bought an SE (FD/HD model 5011) from an elderly lady's closet. (Don't ask what I was doing in a 90 year old lady's closet.) It had been sitting for years. It powered up, the screen was clean, a little bit of screen burn, but clearly working. It was asking for a floppy. I paid $40 and took it home. I made some System 6.0.8 disks and it booted and ran! I didn't remember the date or time (dead battery) and didn't see the hard drive at all. I made a disk for "The Oregon Trail" and played all the way through with my daughter. We made it to Willamette with 3 of our 5 still alive. Yay! Now I wanted to upgrade the 1MB ram to 4MB and I wanted to fix the hard drive, so I made a 12" long T15 (my friend made the tool with a short bit and a bit of round stock steel. Thanks Tyler.) and opened her up. Here is what I found: I wasn't prepared to deal with this bad of a battery issue last night, so I just installed the RAM chips, changed the jumper for the RAM, replacement hard drive then buttoned her back up. What I got was discouraging. The hard drive still does not show up in SC HD Setup, and although the memory is showing 4mb now, the machine is crashing randomly now. It will run for a few minutes and then either a "bomb" system error or just freeze up. I am getting ready to clean the entire mainboard here in a few minutes. I looked at all of the caps and they all looked ok, non were burst or bulging, but I will look at them again more closely. Aside from that, is there anything that I am looking for? Thanks
  22. For the benefit of those with Mac IIfx's (or NTX printers) out there that having issues getting external SCSI devices to work because they can't locate the incredibly rare "Black" Apple SCSI Terminators II's - I was wondering if the linked Apple Tech notes might be of interest to someone here who may be able to make these. The linked Apple's Developer Tech Note on SCSI Termination outlines the differences between the standard (Grey) and Mac IIfx/NTX (Black) Terminator II's (and has a pretty bad set of Sarah Conner jokes). Old (Grey) SCSI Terminator: New (Black) SCSI Terminator II: How hard would it be to create one of these and sell them to IIfx (NTX) users out there? Link to archived notes: http://www.fenestrated.net/mirrors/Apple%20Technotes%20(As%20of%202002)/dv/dv_15.html
  23. joethezombie

    Black Terminator 590-0705-A, Reverse

    From the album: Macintosh IIfx

    This is the reverse of the "special" black IIfx SCSI terminator.
  24. joethezombie

    Black Terminator 590-0705-A, Obverse

    From the album: Macintosh IIfx

    This is the obverse of the "special" black IIfx SCSI terminator.
  25. I'm currently repairing an SE/30 and an SE FDHD, and I'm considering different ways of improving their data storage capabilities. Especially on the SE FDHD since it lacks a harddrive. I'm also short on money, and the CF memory card solution seems to be fairly expensive with the SCSI-to-IDE adapter. Are there any cheap routes that I have missed, besides getting a used scsi harddrive?