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Found 16 results

  1. I scored four NuBus cards in an IIfx, and one of them was the Thunder IV GX 1360! The IIfx was sold as untested, and still, it works like a charm, even with the original 160 MB Seagate! Thank you @Bolle for helping me out identifying the cards!
  2. AlexTheCat123

    Value of a Radius Accelerator Card

    Hello! I found a Radius Accelerator SE card in a Macintosh SE that I recently acquired like the one seen in the image attached. It contains a 68020 running at 16 megahertz and also has a 68881 FPU. The card seems to work fine, but I can't seem to find much information about it or what it is worth online. Can anyone give me a price for it so that when I sell it a get a good deal? Thanks!
  3. traildog64

    Radius SE Accelerator Card

    Hello. I'm new to this site. I've had a Mac SE in storage for years. Only recently have I again started playing with it. I was happy to see that someone had previously upgraded the floppy to a SuperDrive. My SCSI hard drive was dead, but I was able to install a SCSI2SD card, which works great. I'm looking forward to playing some vintage Infocom games like Suspended. I also bought a Radius SE accelerator card years ago, but never used it. It looks pristine to me, but I'm no expert. I've been looking online for any documentation that might exist for these. I've found a few mentions of the cards on various sites, including this one, but no documentation. I've seen pictures of the cards, and some drivers. Would anyone know if these are plug 'n play, or what might be required to make them work? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, sorry for the possibly niche question but I haven't been able to find any info on this problem -- I recently picked up a Mac Plus + HD-20 running System 6.0.8 and just fixed it up with 4MB RAM and installed a Radius Accelerator 16 board (which is awesome, by the way). After that I cleaned up the HD and installed Disinfectant -- and suddenly noticed the system hangs on startup. Pretty quickly I figured out that with the Disinfectant 3.7.1 INIT installed, the system always hangs after loading the last INIT (which isn't necessary Disinfectant) and before the Finder appears. This happens 100% of the time with the Disinfectant INIT installed, and never happens without it. I tried reinstalling 6.0.8 and deleting the INIT and installing a fresh copy from inside the Disinfectant application. I have NOT tried removing the Radius board because that's a huge pain and frankly I'd rather do without the INIT anyway -- so I don't know yet if things would be fine without it (soon I will set up another old Mac Plus and try the HD-20 without an accelerator and maybe learn something). But I was hoping someone might know of any known incompatibilities (and hopefully a fix?) between some subset of the Disinfectant INIT, the HD-20, and a Radius Accelerator 16? (I've basically never heard of Disinfectant being incompatible with anything, it always seemed to be the perfect-citizen INIT.) Ideas for a good virus protection alternative also welcome. I have a bunch of old floppies that have been bequeathed to me from various sources and I've found a lot of them have flavors of nVIR/CDEF/WDEF on them. I guess I could just scan the hard drive every so often ...
  5. HI All, I have been working to get this machine back online... Today good progress was made getting a SeaSonic PS wired up as the IIci PS was not functioning: The IIci fires up and I have been using the drive that came with the with 7.1 installed. I also got a Radius PrecisionColor 8-Xj video card and Asante ethernet card: With both cards installed and my monitor moved to Radius, I get this on-screen and the machine appears to have booted however I can't access the drive nor is the cursor present. When I move the monitor back to the motherboard video, it works fine. When I open the Monitors CP, it only detects the on-board video. Running Slot Info also does not detect the video card. As to the Asante, Slot Info see it however I can't get it to work: When I plug a video or ethernet card into my PDS slots on the SE/30 or IIsi, the cards just work. This does not seem to be the case with these NuBus cards. I thought I might need a CP or init so I searched around and found RadiusWare 3.3 (nubus) which can bee seen in the screen grab immediately above. I installed only the init and during boot, I can see a radius icon being loaded with an "x" through it, however after boot (with video coming from the motherboard), Monitors CP only sees on-board video as you can see from Slot Info. As to the Asante, the reason you see MacCon in slots D and E is that one is the NuBus and the other is my Asante EN/SC which is working fine from the external SCSI connection and allowed me to copy the downloaded Radius bits to the IIci. Its LEDs light up however the working ethernet cable does not give me any activity on my functioning D-Link 10/100 switch. Perhaps I need some software here? I ran out of day after trying to get the Radius working. What is this NuBus N00B missing here? THx
  6. I managed to get a Radius 0379 (Color Pivot/LE) Monitor a while back now. I got the seller to pack it carefully and ship it to me and while it arrived fine, I was unable to get a proper image with a IIsi Radius card or a SE/30 Color Pivot cards I have. See images below. Any ideas whether the cards or the monitor is likely the problem?
  7. I have been fortunate to acquire some very awesome Radius/SuperMac cards this year. Here are some of the Thunders. First one is a new old stock SuperMac Thunder II GX 1600 - COMPLETE! Next up is a Radius Thunder IV GX 1600, the card to finish up my Radius System 100 dream. Followed by the little baby brother, the Radius Thunder 24 GT 1152, note the missing vram: Next up is classic yet trusty SuperMac Thunder II GX 1360, but this one predates the GX moniker. I have not even tried this card yet. To top of the Thunder madness I even got a copy of the official Thunder IV Manual, soon to be scanned and posted online. But... there is one more thing worth showing... This somewhere rare SpigotPro AV will be going into my 840AV for some old school AV work, whenever I get to it.
  8. The IIci I recently picked up has a Radius PrecisionColor 8-24X installed for a graphics card. I am using a VGA adapter (Griffin MacPNP) as I no longer have any working Apple DB15 monitors. With or without RadiusWare installed, I can only choose 1152x882, or 1056x807 (WTF?). It believes I am using a Radius Two-Page Display and will not let me choose a different monitor type. I have tried all available jumper configurations for the adapter and it does not change anything, and this setting persists over OS installs (I have tried 7.1, 7.5.3, and 7.6.1) so I believe that this monitor setting may be stored by the card. Plugging into different monitors also does not change anything. Any monitor that cannot run at 1152x882 does not even attempt to sync with the signal (not even an "out of range" message... just "no signal"). Attached is a screenshot of what I am seeing in the control panel. I see that it mentions being able to use T or U to reconfigure the card. I don't have a manual to refer to for more details though, so I have no idea how to do it! I figured I'd try holding those keys at boot but nothing happens. Does anyone have any experience with these that could help me get some more resolution choices? I was hoping to run this with a monitor that tops out at 1024x768, which is still quite nice for a IIci.
  9. patatas

    Radius Le Mans GT Rom

    I have a Radius Le Mans GT with ROM v1.01...I have read that there is a newer version V3.0....Anyone have a copy?
  10. Hi Getting around to working with my two* Radius TPD Cards for the SE/30. First startup of the SE/30 with the TPD card saw the screen flicker quite a lot before stabilising and booting fine (boots fine now - AB/PSU power issues do you think? mobo is recapped) After this, I tried running a few Radius software drivers that I have (RadiusWare 2.0, SoftPivot etc) so that I could get some software control of the card, but nothing came up as recognised by the installer and various monitor extensions were not recognised. While I am aware there's special SE software for these cards (see https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/26165-radius-se-tpd-card-drivers/), the SE/30 seems to not have any specific software available on the various driver museums, so should this 'just work' without any software controls (i.e. Mirror/extension screen only?) If you have a TPD SE/30 installer disk, can you share? (*I have 2 as I was unable to reverse engineer the connector from pics for my existing TPD card, so bought one with it and once I can clone the ext. video connector, will welcome any offer for my 'spare' card!).
  11. BadGoldEagle

    Radius Pivot SE/30 - Monitors?

    Hey I've bought a Radius Pivot Color Card for my SE/30 a long time ago now. I also own the IIsi varient of this card, and I know it works on the SE/30 (PDS are electronically compatible) with a Samsung 17" Multisync LCD. I am using a DA-15 to VGA adapter, it has 8 switches (if memory serves) so you can set the correct resolution. I forgot what combination I used but I know I wrote it down somewhere. I think the two cards are pretty similar. So theoretically the same setup should work with the SE/30 specific card. But I'm running in a few problems. I tried installing the drivers from the MacGarden. I put these drivers there myself. I know they work since megabyte used them with his Pivot card and his SE/30 can now see the external monitor. Whereas the IIsi version didn't need any drivers to work, I think the SE/30 one does. If someone has one of these, I'd like to know which drivers you have installed. Also, I'd like to know if the "Macintosh Color Display", that's the 14 inch one, works with the Radius Pivot. The one I have at home doesn't display anything, I think it might be dead. I've bought an LCII. Does it work on the LCII without the need for a PDS video card? I'd like to test it with the LCII. Help much appreciated!
  12. From the album: Radius TPD for SE/30

    Revision A and D (1989) SE/30 Two-Page Display Cards from Radius Black PDS board is a Rev. A, Assy No: 632-0025 White PDS board is a Rev. D, Assy No. 632-006. The latter one with white PDS connector is taller and has additional mounts at top (I assume for horizontal mounting in a IIsi's 'electrically compatible' 030 PDS)
  13. From the album: defor

    Radius Rocket case badge scanned at 300dpi