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Found 1 result

  1. I recently acquired a 'cosmetically good' PowerBook 5300ce that had some issues. I've had a few attempts to work through the symptoms using the Service Source and reading other Forum posts, but am having little success getting it up and running and would ask for any further tips you have (short of recapping etc, but appreciate that might be a cause/something needed). The seller acknowledged it had some issues when booting ('occasionally operational' eBay Link) and as such it either gets to (i) Mac Chimes of Death (4/8 chimes); (ii) Restart - Bomb ("Bus Error"?) or (iii) failing to boot (Hard Drive shuts down mid boot as Finder Screen is being populated). I've done a basic strip down and re-assemble and noted that I can solve the first 2 issues via (i) removing/reseating the RAM Board (NB: the PB seems to be missing the GASKET under the keyboard which might mean the RAM Board is slipping out - any tips as to what makes a good substitute as a small foam insert (5mm high) seems too much?) and (ii) booting with Extensions Off (Shift). But despite a check of the various components and careful re-assembly, I still find the PB is shutting down mid-boot (Hard Drive shuts down hard, screen goes black). A secondary issue/symptom is that the PB boots once the PS is plugged in. I have done the PRAM reset and Power Manager Reset (per the Service Source Manuals) and can see no visual issues with the Power Board (no bloated caps or goo visible) short of electrical testing. The Hard Drive seems to be ok (per the eBay images, it can boot) but I seem to not to be getting that far, crashing about 10-15 seconds after booting with Extensions Off and just as the Finder is setting up the Desktop (don't get as far as seeing any icons, but it does get past the extensions/boot screen). The PB has no battery, which appears to have leaked a little, but not onto the MB as far as I can see - it appears to have corroded 2 of the pins on the battery connector - so I am booting from mains with the correct Apple PB 45W power supply - see image gallery for high res details. Welcome any suggestions you have for next steps to help get this going again in its full 800x600 603e 117Mhz 32MB splendour.