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Found 2 results

  1. Not too long ago I returned on my PM 7100/80, which right now has a sonnet PDS g3 260/1M, a 4MB HPV card connected via the g3 card's ribbon cable, and one nubus slot used by an Atto SiliconExpress IV. For a few reasons (among others, using a disk attached to the SEIV at the same time the G3 is enabled freezes the machine without exception) I'm looking for a comparable newertech G3 upgrade. G3 upgrades sales seem to become sparse, sort of. There's a couple listings on ebay that are not reasonable to me, price-wise. While I'm unsure getting a newertech upgrade would make things any better, I have a few concerns I feel like posting here hoping it eases up deciding what to do. - Can anyone confirm newertech PDS cards have fixed CPU:FSB clock ratio? Sonnet chooses settings in software, and perhaps fixed/jumper-set bus ratio would help with some quirks I'm experiencing. - As far as I know, 6100, 7100 and 8100 all have the same memory architecture. So that should mean NewerTech's G3 upgrades exclusive to the 6100 are this way because the card has a CPU:FSB ratio too high for the CPU to work with a 8100/80, 7100/80 or 8100/110. So if such a card gets its PLL setting to something lower, it should just work. It would give me more options. Is there something more I should consider for this? - Did anyone try using sonnet's ribbon cable to connect an HPV/AV card to a NewerTech upgrade? Did it work? Finding a Newertech G3 card WITH the ribbon cable raises the bar a lot. I'm not sure I'll have answers for the last two, but I still hope. Thanks!
  2. Dear members I see that from time to time there are folks who want more info on RAM / Memory specs for a variety of Macs, this doc goes from 1984 to 2000 and is a great resource. Please find the memguide.pdf (1.8MB) file as a reference. The following areas are covered. early Macintosh quadra/centris macintosh lc performa power macintosh portables workgroup servers laser printers pc/dos compatible cards video cards memguide.pdf