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Found 3 results

  1. SE30_Neal

    Network pass through

    Hi guys. I’ve been having problems trying to get my home network working in my new hobby room, i was trying ring main extenders but I believe my new built property has a split ring main so it hasn’t worked. Anyway why i look at a more robust work around I wonder if i could use my Mac mini on WiFi as an internet pass through, is this possible to get my se/30 PowerPc and g3 imac through a switch into the mac mini?
  2. J English Smith

    iBook G4 Problem Diagnosis

    Hey, all - one of my G4 iBooks is showing its age. Wondered if this is indicative of a logic board failure - can anyone help me confirm? 1. Startup chime occurs 2. Screen does not light and no further boot 3. Last boot prior to above, booted into open firmware, then after mac-boot, started normal boot and got the greyed out "You must restart your computer" screen 4. I have used TDM and checked the drive and using DiskWarrior have checked the drive - I get an OK on its SMART status and have used DW to rebuild the directory on the drive 5. I switched out the additional RAM chip in the machine last night, no change 6. I have tried a PRAM zap using the keyboard command, it does a double chime but then boot does not proceed. 7. All of the above hooked to power main not relying on battery power Anything else to try? I doubt I'm wanting to do a complete teardown on her if it is the logic board. I've heard that's a rather intensive procedure. Of course, all of my nearly worthless iBook 500s continue to chug right along - better components? Less heat?
  3. Made a few breakthroughs with Arduinos on a G4 with OSX 10.4. The Arduino site has an older IDE which still works on G3 & G4 OSX Macs. But there is a problem with some Arduinos made in China and sold on various sites like Ebay for under $10 (even lower than $5!). Most of them have their BootLoader missing. This is a simple fix, but it requires a working Arduino like the Arduino Uno R3 with a working Bootloader. See this webpage on how do do it: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Burn-a-Bootloader-to-Clone-Arduino-Nano-30/?ALLSTEPS But this does not fix the problem totally. There is a missing driver for a CH341 USB to Serial Chip some of these Clones use. This is true for both Windows and OSX. The file can be found for Windows. I have it on my friend's site as a back up and easy access. Installing the driver fixes this and the Cheap Chinese Clone Arduinos are now useable under Windows! But finding it for Mac OSX (Intel or PPC) is almost impossible. I have yet to find it. If I could find it, I believe that it would with the older Arduino IDE on OSX 10.4 and the G3 & G4. I've googled for the driver and only seem to find the Windows version for it. I've seen a couple of Linux link entries but did not get them as they are most likely for Intel and I need it for PPC. Anybody has any idea or experience on this? Much thanks.