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Found 4 results

  1. I have put a small SATA SSD along with a SATA-IDE bridge adaptor inside a Mac mini G4. Now it does not recognize the optical drive sharing the same Mac's IDE host any more. Obviously the SATA-IDE bridge is not configured to properly support Cable Select to set Device ID1 (slave). In the Mac mini the optical drive is set to device ID0 (master), usually. Having the SSD set to appear as device ID0 (master) as well causes the system to ignore the optical drive. On the SATA-IDE bridge adaptor I cut everything that could connect the device ID setting input to ground (pin 28 of the IDE pins as well as pin33 of the JM20330 bridge chip). The device still works and still appears as device ID0 (master). The machine boots lightning fast, but the optical drive remains unusable. At this point I am stuck. Might it be appropriate to set the optical drive to device ID1 (slave)? Could somebody share information on how to appropriately hack the Mac mini's interconnect board that plugs both drives into the mainboard? Information on setting the optical drive itself from Cable Select mode to a fixed ID1 (slave) would be welcome, also.
  2. Hello, I own 6 PowerPC Macs in total (see them in my signature), and most of them I've found uses for. G5 is my main Mac, iMac G4 is for music and writing, iBook G4 is laptop, Intel iMac is file server. iBook G3s are collectables. But then I have my Mac mini G4 which is not being put to good use right now. Which is sad, as it's one of my fastest systems. It just sits there, never used. Any ideas for a good use for this guy? Thanks, Henry
  3. Hi folks... I saw this interesting mod to a 1984 Mac. The CRT was swapped out for a LCD. The Mac now supports USB and some other cool features. It is running Snow Leopard. What I like best about it, is that it is a non destructive mod. If you like, you can put the original hardware back in the case and return it to normal: http://www.instructables.com/id/Upgrade-your-original-1984-Macintosh-to-run-OS-X-S/?ALLSTEPS Probably everyone but me knows about this already. This mode was done in 2010. Rather then The cube, I have been looking at the Mac mini. The mini is so small that I believe I can use some ideas from the above to install it in a dead Color Classic case with out altering anything. But I have problem. I like CRT screens, but not a big fan of LCD or LEDs. I would like to marry a Mac mini to the CRT in my dead Color Classic. Where on the web can I read up on how to do this? I would not like to re invent the wheel if someone has already drawn out a circuit diagram on how to do this. I suspect someone has taken HDMI out and built a box that would output something that a CRT can take. This probably has nothing to do with Apple computers. I am not sure where to start looking... Anyone have any information on this, or can you point me to some web sites to read? Thanks jack
  4. Just a post to show the completion of my Mac CC trilogy. The three CCs are now complete, one with a Presto Plus dual booting 7.6 and 8.1, a second with an LC520 logic board, and now a third (pictured here) that I can use every day for 21st century applications. The die hard collectors on this forum will not approve, I'm sure. But I've had this empty CC case for over ten years and originally intended to mod it with a mini-ITX board running Win XP (truly blaspehmous, I know). I even bought an ADB to USB adapter back then, which I've since lost. Hence the newer keyboard and mighty mouse in the pics. After applying Salon Care 40 Volume Creme to get the case back to its platinum beige appearance, the thing looks great!