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Found 10 results

  1. WakelessFoil

    sTunnel and Gmail on Mac Plus

    So I just got stunnel working on my pi so I can now read my gmail on my Macintosh Plus using Eudora Lite 1.x! There is one problem though, I cannot send emails because of what I believe to be a security problem. I am not sure what's wrong but I get this error message (see below) when the mac tries to send emails to stunnel. I think stunnel is expecting the messages to already be secured or it is expecting smtp authorization. I am not sure how to fix this as I have very little IT background, hopefully someone here smarter can help! Thanks. PS: I also attached an image of my stunnel.conf file on the pi.
  2. A topic (that is currently pinned) exists with a tutorial for connecting your Macintosh to the internet using USB -> serial, but it is very outdated and I ran into several issues while following it. I'm going to add further instruction to it (which is mostly copied from a reply to a thread I made). For starters, some amazon links! USB->Serial: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J4N9T9C/ RS422->RS232: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000068OEQ/ Original page (you'll need this for most of the tutorial): There were a few things I had to do differently. First, you cannot do it on a modern system for some reason. The PPP daemon for Linux just doesn't do what you would need, and the one for a later OS X (in my case 10.7) would not run. I ended up using my iBook G4, but had to get ancient PowerPC drivers for the USB->Serial adapter from https://web.archive.org/web/20071114081401/http://www.prolific.com.tw:80/eng/downloads.asp?ID=31. In the end I got a nice tty.usbmodem to work with. Nowhere on any pages of this thread does it tell how to properly setup MacTCP, which I had to experiment with for quite a while. Here are the steps I did: Set "Obtain Address" to manual Set gateway address as your router's IP address (in my case, Set "Class" (in the IP Address settings) to C Make sure your subnet is correct (in my case, Set your domain name servers to: * URL: ignore.com (literally just this) IP: URL: ignore.com IP: Click "OK" You should have a box for "IP Address" when you click ok. Set that to something similar to one on your network (for example, gateway is, ip is Click the close button and restart * I have not yet been able to resolve any domain name outside the router, which I have yet to figure out. I will include instructions and code for a simple proxy. Once MacTCP is setup, make a MacPPP profile with no phone number and baudrate set at 57600. Assuming you've already got drivers figured out for your system, connect the vintage mac to your internet-connected mac and open a terminal to type the commands in the above thread. Make sure the baudrate is the same as you set in MacPPP. Hit "Open" on MacPPP and -whoosh- you're connected to the internet! If anyone has ideas on how to fix name resolution, please reach out to me! Currently its very tricky to get anything done using my script. Proxy Instructions: Make sure you have a simple web server (with PHP installed) running on some other computer of your home network that CAN access the outside world. In your WWW directory (I won't be explaining setup since there are plenty of tutorials) create a file called proxy.php and put this inside: <?php $ip = ""; //Get the raw html. $furl=trim($_GET["url"]); $raw = file_get_contents($furl); //proxy everything $replacethis="href='"; $replacestring="href='http://$ip/proxy.php?url="; $raw=str_replace($replacethis,$replacestring,$raw); $replacethis="href=\""; $replacestring="href=\"http://$ip/proxy.php?url="; $raw=str_replace($replacethis,$replacestring,$raw); $replacethis="<head>"; $replacestring="<head><base href='http://$ip/proxy.php?url=".$_GET['url']."'>"; $raw=str_replace($replacethis,$replacestring,$raw); //Echo the website html echo $raw; ?> Change $ip to the IP of your computer (you can find this with ifconfig in linux and mac, or ipconfig in windows), and connect to a website on your mac using: http://<YOUR IP>/proxy.php?url=<URL YOU WANT TO VISIT> This will not only fix the DNS problem, but also allows you to access HTTPS sites which are not supported on your mac.
  3. tommijazz91

    Mac SE/30 network problems

    Hello everyone! I recently acquired a CNET technology cn470e PDS card, which I installed some days ago. I wrote another post about it, but unfortunately no-one replied (https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/57586-se30-cnet-network-card/). Probably the post is too dense and full of useless things... . I am trying to surf the internet with the SE/30, but I am completely stuck. I installed OT 1.3 and AppleShare 3.7.4, Netscape 2.02 and iCab 2.99 (freezes at startup). The red LED is on (connection is good) but the greed LED is off (data being transmitted). What do I do from here? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi all! I just got a beautiful Classic II! (ok I know I need to recap it as soon as possible) Turned it on and worked. But I opened it to do a quick checkup and probably I was the first person to do it. It had no marks inside at all, everything was in its perfect position. Just some dust but not that much. I looked at the mainboard and there is no sign of leakage but as soon as I return from my one week trip to Rio de Janeiro I will recap it. I just washed the board, let it dry for a couple of days and it is still working. But I noticed it doesn't do the chime startup sound. There is no sound at all. Even inside the system (7.0.1). I tried to check the volume using sound control panel but it gives an error message: Maybe a faulty IC? Or just recapping will do the job? And I have a question: I networked it with my Beige G3 Desktop running OS 9.2.2, using a simple printer cable via parallel localtalk and was able to receive some files from it. The question is: can I browse the web on Classic II using this setup, the G3 providing some sort of bridge between its ethernet and the localtalk? Thanks in advance.
  5. I am having trouble getting my LC II to connect to the internet. I am trying to connect directly via ethernet using an Asante MCiLC network card. I've installed all relevant drivers, and I am using Internet Explorer 4.0.1. I am using System 7.5.5. When I connect my Ethernet cable directly from the LC II's network card to the router, the upper light on the network card blinks quickly. However, when i open up Internet Explorer 4.0.1, I get errors such as "Data transfer error (-28)" and "The website could not be found" for every website I type into the address bar. I have set my TCP/IP settings to DHCP. Am I missing anything? Any and all help is appreciated! I have been working on this all day and now I am very tired
  6. VMSZealot

    Old Mac, Modern Internet

    I'm doing a bit of development which might interest users here - and not just users of old Macs either. The problem that I'm trying to solve is making the Internet, and specifically the Web and Email, available to old Macs - many of which can't do ssl secured email or browsing. There are solutions available, but they're kludgy, and they may not work on really old machines. I want to remove the kludge, and make email and the web available (relatively securely) on all vintage machines - regardless of whether they're ancient Macs, 8088 DOS PCs, Amiga, ST, or any other machine with an email client. My solution is a gateway application running on a Windows / Linux / macOS / whatever modern OS you like. The best bet, I think, would be a Raspberry Pi (or similar) since the power requirements are low, connected to your Mac of choice using Ethernet or SLIP. It's not entirely pie in the sky either. Code has been cut (C++), and progress is being made, on a cross platform server to get old Macs accessing the Modern Internet. Whether it gets finished or not depends on several things. How much time I can muster for this project, and how much interest there is. Comment here on whether you think that this is a fools errand or a worthwhile endeavour.
  7. Blougram

    Questions about SE/30

    Hello, A few years ago, living in Sweden, I was having fun with an SE/30: getting it online (through a SCSI > ethernet adapter) and playing online chess, hooking it up to an external "14 LCD monitor for 24-bit 640x480 browsing. I have since moved to the US, and recently the itch to play with a compact came back with a vengeance. I got hold of an SE/30 with 8 MB RAM and a 1 GB HD; it seems to be working just fine, but I do realize that it probably needs to be recapped sooner rather than later. Anyway, I have two questions: 1) Is there any way to split up large StuffIt files into floppy-sized chunks on a PC? I have no trouble transferring smaller files through HFVExplorer and a USB floppy drive (including installing 7.5.3 using one floppy), but I haven't figured out how to transfer larger files. Would it be a good idea to get USB and SCSI zip drives? 2) I'll be getting an ethernet card in the mail, and was wondering about the best way to connect it to my WLAN. In an earlier thread, someone recommended an N300 Wi-Fi extender; would that work without a switch? Cheers, Blougram
  8. Hi everyone, I own a Macintosh SE/30 with 5MB of RAM, 200MB HDD running with System 7.0 I know it's possible to connect one of these machines to the internet but I'm aware that's it's not an easy task ! Basically, all I know is that I need an ethernet/SCSI card. But I have no idea precisely what kind of ethernet card I need. And I don't know which software to use. Could you guys give me some advices ? I didn't manage to find any tutorial about this subject. Thanks !
  9. While trying to get my iMac G3 online, I came across an issue. (maybe several) I could not get the Airport card to recognize my wifi. I tried connecting to my laptop through an Ethernet cable so I could share the internet, but that wouldn't work. I painstakingly made a network on my laptop to try and get my iMac to connect. However, the network would only let (or so it seemed) Windows computers join. Oops. So I installed Wine on the iMac, but I wasn't using the right version, so it didn't work. Double oops. I continued to try different settings, but the "encryption method" wasn't correct. Triple oops. HELP PLEASE My two computers are the iMac G3, and my old Dell inspiron.
  10. smiba

    Ethernet, the search

    So I picked up an Macintosh SE FDHD to get software moved between my pc and both my Macintosh SE's. After replaceing some ram that died after 5 minutes of running its doing all nice, no leaking caps and running stable! So I currently have: 1 Macintosh SE, 1 Macintosh SE FDHD and 1 400/800K External floppy drive. Due this I'm able to move files from the Macintosh SE to my computer... So I can get MacTCP and all the other software to work. Only... What can I get to connect it to ethernet? I've tried searching on ebay and I didn't find any that are suited for the Macintosh SE, although I'm not sure what to look for. It doesn't matter if its external or an extension card. Any tips on what to search for? I just want to get IRC working on it