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Found 2 results

  1. Jon183

    $50 Mid 2010 Macbook

    Found a very unspecific listing on gumtree for a late 2009 macbook with no photo, I decided to go for it, after the seller said it was 2.4ghz, 2gb ram and white, I believed the only possible macbook it could be was a mid 2010. I was right and all my parts to fix its battery and trackpad were from a late 2009, but they were compatible. It now runs sierra and is pretty fast. It has a 256mb geforce 320m. Doesnt look the nicest but is quite ok, especially for $50, thats $37.90 USD and it came with a dodgy looking but working charger. My plans are to glue the cracks, get a new trackpad that works 100% and upgrade the ram.
  2. I'm probably some sort of goof for trying to make this happen, but I recently acquired a mid-2006? black Macbook A1181 with a Core Duo T2500 onboard, and it's pretty wrecked. I have to replace the entire top casing and bottom casing, optical drive (which will probably get a hard drive adapter) and the heatsink fan as that's gone sticky... Thanks Sunon. I've looked and it seems there's been interest in the far past in replacing the logic board in these suckers with something newer, and to that extent, more efficient. I'm perfectly comfortable and able to do a logic board swap, as I've had to do it numerous times in the past... but never an upgrade. Some forum posts from MacRumors and other sites have pointed that some things are going to need replacing such as the actual CPU heatsink as from one model to the next they revised it down to one temperature sensor, something with an inverter cable...? and something else about a bluetooth module. Yet, on both boards, I want to call that utter crap since most of the connectors are the same, if not just placed differently. Has anyone ever attempted to do any sort of swapping between the original design A1181 13.3 Macbooks before, and if so, how does one go about it? Preferrably I'd like to move up to at least something with a T8100 2.1 or T8300 2.4, as I can already find logic boards on eBay for under $40 for that amount. I want to avoid the GMA950 altogether if I can afford to, especially since my goal is to boot Linux on the Macbook as the main OS, or possibly Windows 7 for kicks to start. Currently if I just go about getting replacements for the system as it stands it will cost me about $50 in parts which includes the bottom casing, upper assembly with diffferent keys missing than mine currently, and a delta fan instead of a Sunon Maglev. May consider an Adda if I can find one cheap, they tend to make pretty good fans. I can hold off on an upper assembly for now and just get the missing keys, perhaps, since there seems to be no damage other than the plastic peeling syndrome they all face... but it just looks bad. ALTERNATIVELY, I can find the entire bottom casing of a blackbook on eBay with board and heatsink/fan/etc. for a decentish price in the low-$50 range. but then i'm reading things need to be replaced, AGAIN, because stuff with the inverter cable and such-- this doesn't make any sense... the cables for the display look exactly the same as they did in 2006 as they do for the 2008 board! Can someone explain this to me as to why someone's saying this?