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    • Everymac seems to allude that this model, in addition to the TV accouterments, came with a 256k L2 cache, and that, more than almost anything IME, will make a night/day difference on a 603e(v) machine for sure (well it makes a difference on all PPC Macs, but you get my point). I've run my 4400 with and without its cache and it's like a different machine. Pop the cache in, and it's the cut-price PowerMacintosh it was made to be. Take it out, and it's a Performa. :P    My family 6218CD (75MHz) compared to the 5x00 school lab Macs was a complete dog. It got crap done for my family though  but I was sad about having to play Dark Forces at pixel-doubled resolution, and never being able to play with the full viewport on DOOM. But with their price points, they filled a market segment, I'll concede.
    • Well, it isn't a Performa 630. It's a 6320CD. No idea how this happened, somehow the seller wrote "Performa 630", the photos showed a Performa 630, but the computer front panel says 6320 and the logic board is a 6320. The serial number matches what was in the listing. Totally confused. The seller seems to be as well.   I don't mind it that much, I think I have a random Q630 logic board somewhere. But completely crushed the 96 630 isn't really a thing.   Weird thing is there is a P630 with plastic just as good as this 6320, supposedly.   So, performance of the "Permafrost" 6320CD - it isn't anywhere near as bad as LEM claims. It actually seems to be peppy. It has the original install of 7.5.3 Update 2.0, the original owner seemingly used the system for a year and then never used it again. 16mb RAM and a 1.5GB hard drive. Really not bad for an Amelio era re-bundling of a Spindler era machine. It was probably dirt cheap when new.
    • Guys, needs some input...I just finish re-cap the analog board and the logic board...everything work except the external speaker...so is not a capacitor on the analog board. I just order a TDA7052A to replace it. Any thing else that I need to verify! How can I test the speaker, maybe is that!    
    • Yeah, and, for what it's worth here, the purpose of all these variations wasn't really to allow people to select something better suited to their needs. It was to allow competing retailers never to  ofer discounts on the Mac hardware they sold, because you couldn't cross-shop and competitor discount  Best Buy's Performa 635 and OfficeMax's Performa 637, because they were different machines. Almost all of the PC OEMs still engage in this practice heavily, to the point of offering identical hardware with different software loadouts for different stores so Staples can tell you they won't price-match Newegg's price on the same configuration of the same machine. (I don't know if the actual store policies on this have changed, and how they do this work, just, this is basically why the Performa lineup in particular is as bad as it is.)
    • I'm sceptical but possibly ... dodgy PSU could be the cause - there are lots of reports of "blacklit screens" on many PB100s