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Found 3 results

  1. Basically, title. Got a couple of G3s a few months ago. One of them in great shape, 512 MB RAM, PCMCIA 802.11n card (although it only works under OS X) and a rare Wegener Media G4 at 550 MHz. The daughter card looks just like a stock one but apparently the folks over at Wegener grafted on a G4 and added 1 MB L2 cache. And I have two other G3/400s, one is in great shape (just needs new hinges), and the other is just for parts. So the maxed-out one is where I'm having problems - 1) It doesn't boot reliably. Sure, it chimes 100% of the time, either with its new battery or plugged in but very rarely POSTs/Happy Mac (or activates the display) without having to reset the PMU (via back panel). 2) Appears to be more stable under OS 10.3.9 than 9.2.2. I reinstalled 9.2.2 and may downgrade to see if that matters but I get a cache failure error dialog every time I boot into OS 9. 3) I need a recommendation on replacing the 2.5" HD with a CF, preferably an SSD. I can't seem to find a good IDE-to-SATA adapter that fits with the SSD inside the Pismo. Elaborating on #2, under 10.3.9 System Information, under Diagnostics, the POST reports: Failed. I downloaded a couple of cache utilities - one from Sonnet and another from PowerLogix - to see if the cache was properly configured (clock multiplier). According to the utility, the 1 MB L2 runs at a 2:5 ratio to system clock, which, on a 550 MHz G4, would be 220 MHz. But that's apparently not correct: according to https://web.archive.org/web/20071230072602/http://www.wegenermedia.com:80/pg4550.htm, the L2 runs at 250 MHz, which is something like 5:11, not 2:5. But, making any change - even to manually enable it - causes a freeze. But I'm only assuming this PowerLogic cache utility is compatible with whatever is on this Wegener-modded daughter card. So I summon the "Oracles of Pismo" to share your thoughts on any or all of the above. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, So I would like to be able to burn CDs from my iBook G3 dual USB with Firewire 400 port running OS 9.2.2. Will any Firewire 400 drive work or will only specific ones work? Thanks
  3. Apple System Profiler tells me I have a "PCI card" in slot A1 of the beige G3tower I am currently working on. It doesn't tell me much more than that. It does give me a vendor code of 3388, which comes back to a "Hint Corp" whom I cannot seem to find on the web. I can tell you it is Firewire/USB card with two external ports for each, and 1 internal port for each. The problem is, my employer bought several of these G3's in various configurations off eBay. They did not necessarily come with all the software for the add-ons. I am having trouble finding enough info about "PCI bridge" card to hunt down the driver. The G3 has a Realtek ethernet NIC installed in slot B1, and I found the driver for it. Slot C1 has a IMS Twin Turbo Display Card installed, but either I need a driver download for it too, or the card is dead. My primary problem is figuring where to get the driver for the Firewire/USB card. The secondary problem is the IMS display card. So far I have found Windows drivers only. I will keep looking for the IMS driver, can anyone help with the Firewire/USB card problem?