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Found 4 results

  1. JDW

    Color Classic Fan

    Can any of you Color Classic owners confirm if the stock fan is 80x25mm and runs at 12V? Also, is the fan 2-wire or 3-wire? Lastly, if there is anything that would impede the easy replacement with a modern 80x25mm fan, please let me know. Thank you!
  2. JDW

    Mac Classic FAN

    Based on the photo of a Mac Classic below, I'm guessing the stock fan in the Classic & Classic II must be 60mm x 25mm like the SE & SE/30, but can anyone confirm this? I assume it's a 2-wire fan that doesn't use PWM. THANKS!
  3. HI All, I went to button up the replacement SeaSonic PSU in my IIci chassis thinking I still had a working fan but it is nearly dead. When I fire up the machine with the PSU lid open I can see the fan trying to move but it never started spinning. If I give it a bit of a flick it starts to spin and work fine. On restart though it has the same behavior. I even let it run for several hours to see if it stopped misbehaving and it did not. WHat have you all used for replacements in your IIci? I tried searching the site and had little luck. THx!
  4. ArmorAlley

    Fans for 68040 processors

    Hi all, Do ye have any recommendations for fans/active heatsinks for 68040 processors? Both are possibilities for my Performa 475. There are two processors that I'm thinking about. The first is for a 40MHz 68040 overclocked to 50MHz. It is a part of the NewerTech Quadra Overdrive. It comes with its own active heatsink but it just out so much that it blocks the PDS network card. Alternatively, if anyone knows of a PDS network that is thinner than usual, that would also do the trick. They all seem to be a standard shape. The second is for a full 25MHz 68040 to replace the 68LC040. Although a passive heatsink would probably suffice, I would like to what other options there are. Many thanks aa