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Found 6 results

  1. Question for those of you SE/30 owners who use a PDS video card with an external display. I have a Micron Xceed video card and grayscale setup. Grayscale works great on the internal CRT, but I've never used the DB-15 port also offered by the video card. I have a 15" Color VGA LCD that's about 10 years old. Would this adapter on Amazon be all that I would need? (Not sure how those DIP switches on the adapter are used in case like this though.) Note the horizontal scan rate mentioned in the Xceed manual page below of 31.5kHz, which seems rather odd (maybe common for Apple though?). Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Dwest

    30" Apple Cinema Display

    I have a 30" Apple Cinema Display that works fine until you plug the display hub connector into the computer. When you plug either the USB or the Firewire connectors into the host computer, the display goes black. Unplug them, and the display comes back on. I have had 2 different power supplies - same thing happens on them both. I believe others have seen this issue with these monitors, but I have not seen a solution. Any ideas about what may be causing it? Capacitors somewhere in the display? Faulty power board in the display? Would love to figure out how to fix it - it's a great display otherwise.
  3. Where can I find this tool? Video adjustment tool (part number 949-0386) http://www.retrocomputing.net/info/siti/apple_repair/www.whoopis.com/computer_repair/Quick_References/Tools_Library.pdf BW, Kristian
  4. Westinghouse

    12" RGB Display issues

    Hi All, Apologies if this is in the wrong category. Received a 12" RGB Display today, and the picture geometry is distorted. I've attached two images - one was shot vertically, and one was shot horizontally. Basically: the picture balloons out wider in the middle, there's a bright horizontal line, and a band above the bright line is stretched vertically. Hoping to find out which component is faulty, and if a fix is viable?
  5. Carboy7

    PB 520c Contrast issues

    I have a PowerBook 520c and there was a bit of a problem with the display where if you poke the display in the right place, the contrast will bug out. Sometimes if you hit in the same spot again, the display will become readable, but unstable. Basically, it goes from unreadable bright, to unreadable dark, to unstable dark, and then basically flicker. I have saved a 520c from the depths of a neighbor's garage! Are you happy now?
  6. I just bought a Studio Display (M4551), with no power adapter and unfortunately this kind of adapters could not be found in my area. I've seen few items on eBay, but they were too expansive and including shipping to my destination it would have been more than 3 times more than the cost of the display itself. So I was thinking of finding some alternative or using iBook power adapter which has the same output, but I can't find information on the polarity (positive/negative) of the display's power cord. Polarity isn't mentioned on the original power adapter. Does anybody have this kind of adapter to check the polarity? Thanks in advance!