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Found 5 results

  1. amstrudy

    Dead Macintosh CC :(

    I posted a while back about a Macintosh CC that came into my posession with serious corrosion. Someone gifted me a board that needed recapping, and I finally just got it back from maccaps. I plugged it into the machine, heard a slight whine noise, and got absolutely nothing when turning it on. No fan, no chimes, no nothing. When I take out the board and turn on the machine, the fan does turn on. Does this mean there's a short in the board somewhere? The guy from maccaps assured me that it was working when he sent it back. What are the next steps? Thanks! EDIT: There is currently no PRAM battery as I am waiting for one to come in the mail. I'm not sure if that's a major factor?
  2. Ok, so, I'd like to bring this subject back up again. So far now, my Macintosh Plus, SE, Macintosh II, and now my Macintosh IIx are affected. What's happening is that one day these macs just start refusing to boot from an external SCSI HD or CD-ROM. Re-capping the logicboard does not help with this issue either. There has got to be another component on the logicboard that ages like capacitors do and fails in time, I just havent figured out what it is yet. Have any of you out there been effected by this problem?
  3. Hi everyone, I have an Imac g4 17" 256MB 80GB Geforce 4MX This imac was last powered on 6 months ago according to the seller, it now makes no response to pressing power button at all. Here is what I tried: Replaced PRAM battery, reset PRAM by pressing the button, Hold power for 10 sec and plug back in, plug in and power at same time, resat the ram modules, tested diagnostic solder points and got 3.6V for battery, 12.20V for 12V, got 0.01V for 12VLSP and 5V. PSU was tested with multi-meter using the service manual guide and passed the test. I noticed some white and dry stuff around C241 on the logic board (next to 16 pin power connector) that needed to be rubbed off with alcohol, I replaced that cap. What should I do now? I've tried looking for logic boards but ones from the US seem to charge $100 for shipping alone on ebay.
  4. First post here ... hope you don't mind me asking for some help. I was lucky to get my hands on an SE/30 for free last week, but it won't boot. The fan runs, and it starts with the familiar bing in the speaker, but the screen is dead ('cept for some glow in the tube in the back) and there is no sound whatsoever from the floppy or hdd. It has a NIC which blinks green once when I switch the power on and once more when I turn the computer off. That's it. Any suggestions as to where I should start diagnosing this thing? I've gone so far as to open the cabinet and looked around. The thing is suprisingly dusty and dirty inside, but there are no specific visual give-aways. No burn marks, no bulging caps, no obvious corrosion, etc. I'm a newbie when it comes to Macs but have plenty of experience with the soldering iron and poking around in high voltage appliances (such as tube amplifiers). Thanks for any tips!
  5. Hi everyone! When I was younger the main computer in my family was a tray loading Bondi iMac running 8.6. It was used for hours each day for at least ten years (that's a conservative guess, it was very probably longer). A couple years ago it started having a minor issue. The power button needed to be pressed two or three times to get it to boot. Other than that everything was working great. One morning I got up and heard from a sad family member that the iMac wouldn't start up at all. No chime, no lights... nothing. It's currently sitting in my cold, lonely closet, and after reading what some of the people on here can do/have done I'd like to take it out and try to revive it. Given the computer's history my suspicion (what I thought when it died too) is that the power button broke. I don't have access to a keyboard with a power button so I can't test that for sure. My question is, how does one replace an iMac power button? And, if that doesn't work, would the next logical idea be looking at the power supply itself? Is there something I don't know that I should know? Thanks!