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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys Maybe someone had similiar problem and know the solution. I have a small external SCSI CD-ROM Drive Panasonic / Matshita KXL-810AN. It can be attached on PCMCIA SCSI-II Card or straight to Macintosh SCSI-Port with an 25pol to 50pol SCSI Cable / Adapter. I try to get it running on my PowerBook 2400c under MacOS 9.2.2 I didn't get any CDs mounted, because there is no driver. I have Pioneer CD-ROM Driver installed, it works with the Pioneer drives only, and not with Panasonic drive. I also modified the standard Apple CD/DVD Driver, like discribed here: Modify Apple's CD/DVD drivers to mount third party drives. Has someone maybe an idea?
  2. SE30_Neal

    6200 CD-ROM

    Hi all, got my performa up and running a few problems though, the floppy doesn’t seem to line up well with the hole on the front, is it easy to re seat it? and secondly the CD-ROM kind of tried to do something but didn’t actually spin up, i’ve not taken it apart yet but thought it maybe a drive belt issue, anyone else had similar issue? Luckily i have an external scsi CD-ROM for my se/30 so did a fresh os8 install via that but would like to get it working in the performa if i can. any assistance would be greatful neal
  3. So I bought an AppleCD 600e drive recently for use with my Powerbook 5300c. Unfortunately, that laptop is having power issues and I don't have the soldering skills to fix it, so for now it is out of commission. This leaves me with a CD-ROM drive that I can't use...or can I? My SE has 4 MB of RAM and runs system 7.0 just fine. If I upgrade to 7.1 I should be able to use the CD drive, right? Are there any programs that came on CD, or that I could put on CD, that will run on an SE with 4 MB of RAM and System 7.1?
  4. Now I have my Centris 650 up and running in a totally gorgeous way, I've now hit a new problem that I didn't anticipate. I've spent an hour or so going round in circles courtesy of Google without much joy, hence I am posting again! The short question is "Is it possible to burn CD-R's using OSX (either 10.5.8 on my G4 or 10.11.3 on my i7) that can be read by my CD drive in my Centris?" If someone can give a positive answer, the inevitable follow up is "HOW?" Any advice gratefully received, as I would like to get to the bottom of this one, as I hoped I could use the CD drive in the Centris as a bridge between modern macs and my older Classic and (hopefully if my wife doesn't notice) future older Macs? Cheers, Simon
  5. I recently acquired a working, but neglected Quadra 840AV. It came with 3 hard drives installed, an original CD-ROM drive, and with a 64 MB of RAM. It clearly needed a total recap of a motherboard and a good cleanup, which I did. Then I tested the machine, and I found out that a CD-ROM drive wasn't detected, even that it was connected properly. I figured out that it must be the drive that failed. Then I cracked open the Sony CDU561-25 drive, and to my surprise, I found capacitors that have leaked and corroded the PCB. The damage was quite bad, but fixable. There was a group that leaked, and they were three 16V 47uF and two 16V 10uF silver electrolytic SMDs. On the left side of the PCB, there were four 6.3V 100uF that looked okay, but when I changed them, they were certainly on their way to fail (fishy smell). So when I replaced them all with tantalums, the CD-ROM drive now works flawlessly, and I know that they won't leak ever again. Also, I was impressed with the build quality of this particular drive, it is massive and it has a voice coil laser mechanism, which just screams high quality all around. So, next time your CD-ROM drive fails, check the caps inside the unit. Also, if you have a Sony CDU561-25 or similar, it will be the smart idea to change the caps just to be sure, even if they are not leaking. Sometimes the CD-ROM unit will cost alone more than a complete computer, so it is worth it.