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Found 5 results

  1. I have a heavily beaten up imac g4 17in usb 2 that i got for 25 dollars. I suspect that there is no 5 volts. The light on the bottom of the motherboard and the fan turn on when the power button is pressed. Does anyone have a schematic cause id rather try and fix it than shell out 100 dollars for a new mobo
  2. johnsonfromwisconsin

    Looking for a floppy drive fix.

    Hi all, awhile back I received a Sony FMD-75W-01G that has a problem I cannot find information on. When you stick a disk in, the motor that pushes/pulls the head just keeps going until the back of it runs into the front of the metal plate behind it and continues to click as the needle taps in and out of the auger that drives the head. I'm wondering if there is an adjustment to be made somewhere...
  3. I have a 15" Apple studio display hooked up to my cube. Some months ago I noticed the bottom half of the screen being dim and a the led error blink sequence "short - short - short". According to Apple it means "video output wrong" but the display shows the same error code when hooked up the a powermac G4 MDD, unlikey error it seems. I decided to open the display and check it's internal organs. Nothing seems wrong, but I noticed the following. I took both light bulbs out and connected them to the inverter. The top bulb is working, and when I switched the bulbs, the bottom bulb (connected at the top connector) was working as well. Apparently the bottom connection doesn't get any power. What do you think? Bad inverter board? Or could the problem lie with the logic board? According to someone on Macrumors it could be a heat issue (he had a similar problem where the problem dissapeared when the screen was hot enough - I haven't noticed this yet, the problem is continous)
  4. First post here ... hope you don't mind me asking for some help. I was lucky to get my hands on an SE/30 for free last week, but it won't boot. The fan runs, and it starts with the familiar bing in the speaker, but the screen is dead ('cept for some glow in the tube in the back) and there is no sound whatsoever from the floppy or hdd. It has a NIC which blinks green once when I switch the power on and once more when I turn the computer off. That's it. Any suggestions as to where I should start diagnosing this thing? I've gone so far as to open the cabinet and looked around. The thing is suprisingly dusty and dirty inside, but there are no specific visual give-aways. No burn marks, no bulging caps, no obvious corrosion, etc. I'm a newbie when it comes to Macs but have plenty of experience with the soldering iron and poking around in high voltage appliances (such as tube amplifiers). Thanks for any tips!
  5. I got an iMac G5 2.0Ghz (ALS) from a friend which doesn't boot. When I push the power-on button the front light turns on, and the fan starts spinning. I don't hear the happy mac sound though. After a while the fan starts spinning very hard. All this time the screen doesn't turn on. I've opened the back and here a look at the interior: The caps are not bulged and don't appear faulty. When inserting the power cord led 1 turns on, pushing the power button makes led 2 turn on. Led 3 and 4 don't turn on. What do you think? The person who gave it to me said a computer supplier took a look at it and concluded PSU was broken, but since led 1 turns on I don't think that's the case is it? I know the caps are often faulty on this iMac, but here they appear fine. I know looks can be decieving though.