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Found 2 results

  1. sharpjon

    Bare-metal Mac project

    Hello fellow 68k enthusiasts, I'd like to share a Mac project I've been working on for a bit now. I've been exploring "bare-metal" programming on the original Macs (128k/512k/Plus) and just got around to writing up my initial efforts here: http://jonsharp.net/retrocomputing/bare-metal-macintosh-programming-part-1/ But perhaps more importantly, I'd like to solicit some help in the next stages of my efforts to produce something modestly useful/interesting on the Mac hardware, without any real help from the ROM/System. I've got an 'experimental' branch in my 'HappyJon' repo that carries things further than the initial demo in my writeup. This branch demonstrates a compact font, character and string assembly routines, and the beginnings of porting newlib. And it's this last part that I'm hoping to get some help with. I'm having some difficulty with pc-relative code and linking... Anyway, would love some feedback on this or any other aspect of the project. Here's the repo: https://github.com/jrsharp/HappyJon Thanks all! -- Jon
  2. Well. Lately I've been studying 68k assembly. I find it a lot harder to understand than my ol' Netronics Cosmac Elf II's 8-bit RCA 1802 in hex. Still, i really want to start developing stuff. I can find much of the 68k instruction set reference on many website but, there aren't many about the macintosh toolbox. Most of them (like Inside Mac pdf's) got reference about using the toolbox with C and Pascal, and almost no assembly reference. It leaves me with unanswered interrogations about it. With some hope i searched in some forums on here but did not found what i was seeking out. I am mostly looking for the traps's Input/output, etc (Axxx). The assembler i am using is Lightsoft's Fantasm 6 ( which has become free) with Anvil. So, if you have any suggestions like books or online resources for me, could you post it here? Thanks for replies! Edit: I specified more what i am searching for.