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Found 10 results

  1. I recently acquired a TAM from Japan which works great. Inside, I was surprised to find an Interwire G3 L2 accelerator card. Unfortunately, there was no hard drive and no drivers for this card. Does anyone know where I can find a compatible driver for this card? I saw another thread which suggested that a generic Powerlogix card driver would work, but none of the drivers I’ve found actually do. The slot itself is fine, as a sonnet crescendo card that’s I have works well, but it normally lives in another machine. Second, the motherboard in this TAM is different from another TAM that I have. I can’t see the revision number with out removing the MB, but the ROM socket is different, and there is a different subcomponet (caps mainly) configuration. I’ve never heard of more than one of these before. Anyone know any details on it?
  2. AlexTheCat123

    Value of a Radius Accelerator Card

    Hello! I found a Radius Accelerator SE card in a Macintosh SE that I recently acquired like the one seen in the image attached. It contains a 68020 running at 16 megahertz and also has a 68881 FPU. The card seems to work fine, but I can't seem to find much information about it or what it is worth online. Can anyone give me a price for it so that when I sell it a get a good deal? Thanks!
  3. I made a new walkthrough video about replacing all the electrolytic capacitors on the MicroMac DiiMO 50MHz 68030 accelerator for the SE/30. I explain my choice of Niobium Oxide capacitors over tantalum, show the replacement, then boot and run benchmarks. The SE/30 shown has a recapped motherboard, recapped analog board, and SEASONIC PSU. The video is 4K but if you're a Mac user who loves Safari, you'll need Chrome to view it in 1440p or 4K. Also, it was sadly during the making of this video that my Epic Blunder occurred. My humble thanks to all of you who are so kindly trying to help me in that thread. I make videos for the enjoyment of it and as a way to give back to the community. I currently don't allow ADs on my videos nor do I have a Patreon account, which is why I've never earned any monetary compensation at all from my videos. (The down side of that is Google doesn't suggest my videos as well as videos with ADs enabled.) I make videos that I really wish someone else had made for me. Even though what you see in my videos isn't necessarily groundbreaking or unique (some of you are far beyond me in terms of troubleshooting knowledge, repairs and mods, for example), I simply am transforming into an easy-to-digest video what otherwise has been exclusively found in "text form" in forums like this. For the new generation of younger people who don't prefer to read, videos are becoming increasingly important. (Even so, I still get Millennials complain my videos are too long, so we can't please everyone. I prefer to be thorough rather than worry about the clock though.) My next video endeavor will be to show the recapping of an SE/30 analog board, and then I will have yet another video showing the recapping of the SONY PSU. Anyway, I hope this information is useful not only for you DiiMO owners but also for those of you who need to recap 5V voltage rails, as the Niobium Oxide caps I chose work perfectly for that, assuming you need 22uF. They come in other sizes though so give them due consideration in your recapping jobs.
  4. Hi, sorry for the possibly niche question but I haven't been able to find any info on this problem -- I recently picked up a Mac Plus + HD-20 running System 6.0.8 and just fixed it up with 4MB RAM and installed a Radius Accelerator 16 board (which is awesome, by the way). After that I cleaned up the HD and installed Disinfectant -- and suddenly noticed the system hangs on startup. Pretty quickly I figured out that with the Disinfectant 3.7.1 INIT installed, the system always hangs after loading the last INIT (which isn't necessary Disinfectant) and before the Finder appears. This happens 100% of the time with the Disinfectant INIT installed, and never happens without it. I tried reinstalling 6.0.8 and deleting the INIT and installing a fresh copy from inside the Disinfectant application. I have NOT tried removing the Radius board because that's a huge pain and frankly I'd rather do without the INIT anyway -- so I don't know yet if things would be fine without it (soon I will set up another old Mac Plus and try the HD-20 without an accelerator and maybe learn something). But I was hoping someone might know of any known incompatibilities (and hopefully a fix?) between some subset of the Disinfectant INIT, the HD-20, and a Radius Accelerator 16? (I've basically never heard of Disinfectant being incompatible with anything, it always seemed to be the perfect-citizen INIT.) Ideas for a good virus protection alternative also welcome. I have a bunch of old floppies that have been bequeathed to me from various sources and I've found a lot of them have flavors of nVIR/CDEF/WDEF on them. I guess I could just scan the hard drive every so often ...
  5. I jumped on this on eBay, thinking it was a Brainstorm Mac Plus accelerator. However, I realize it doesn't have a processor on it. Anyone have any ideas on what this might be?
  6. I have a G4 Digital Audio - which is behaving very oddly. The specification, for reference and in case this has a bearing on matters, is that it has 1GB RAM, DVD-RW, Zip 250, a Sonnet Duet 1.6GHz accelerator, Sonnet SATA card (with a 500GB SATA drive attached), Maxtor 75GB hard drive, Maxtor 110GB hard drive, ATI Radeon 9000 Pro (the official Apple upgrade), Sonnet USB 2 card, Adaptec SCSI card (originally from my old 9600), and a generic 802.11g Wifi card. By and large my old Mac works perfectly. It'll boot Leopard 10.5.8 and run stably (although a little noisily) for days on end. Ditto Tiger 10.4.11 (and the classic environment). It'll run MorphOS without raising a sweat. But I'll be damned if I can get it to boot MacOS 9.2.2 - which, of course, I want to run some of my favourite old games (Carmageddon 1 and 2, Star Wars Racer, Deus Ex). It starts booting OK. But right at the point when the inits and cdevs stop loading and it hands over to Finder, it hangs. Mouse pointer stops moving. It gives up. Which is frustrating. And it doesn't matter whether I'm trying to boot from the OS 9 install for Classic on my Tiger disk or a freshly formatted disk (with OS9 drivers and without Journalling) - or even from the original OS 9 install disk. Whatever I do, the result is the same. I've tried removing all the expansion cards, disconnecting all the USB devices except for the keyboard and mouse, resetting PMU and PRAM. Nothing makes a damned bit of difference. I'd reinstall the original processor - except that I don't have it anymore, and I'm sure that I read that the Duet is OS 9 compatible. Am I missing essential drivers? Does anyone have any suggestions? What have I missed here!?
  7. There's lots of talk on this site about how cool it would be to see this project or that project, but none is as exciting as a project which could ridiculously speed up our current m68k Macs. Some of us have been following the work of the folks who are making an FPGA replacement for the m68000 in the Amiga 600. Well, now it's shipping! http://www.amiga.org/forums/showthread.php?t=70424 Considering that the cores are interchangeable, it would not be a stretch to see one of these on a Mac Classic motherboard. Even with no extra memory support and no peripheral support, it'd be an interesting thing to see in action. The folks who are making the Vampire will soon have a version for standard DIP-based m68000 Amigas which could easily work in many Macs, and an m68040 socket one is not outside of the realm of possibility.
  8. Does anyone know of a reputable seller who has L88M mask m68040 CPUs for sale? I really want to finish my Quadra 610 - it has a NewerTech Quadra Overdrive, but it isn't stable with the CPU it has, so I'd like a CPU I know will work. The last one I bought from "u-barn" on eBay was counterfeit, and the one before that from a seller I don't even remember was an LC040 labeled as a full '040. Suggestions?
  9. Just opened up both my IIc's thinking that I would have a 256K RAM Upgrade in one of them. The cleaner (and older) of the two (little case yellowing on it) was just a plain 128K IIc with no memory expansion slot. The other was like the first - only 5000 away from the first as far as the serial number is concerned, no Ram Upgrade Slot in it. But 64K of the on board RAM was on sockets, the other was not. This I found strange. But stranger - It has a RocketChip 5MHz 6502 Accelerator in it! But this machine has been open so many times that it no longer has the original screws and two are missing. I have to say that this is an interesting find. Zip Technologies (maker of the ZipChip) sued Bits & Pieces Technologies (maker of the RocketChip) so manufacture of the RocketChip ended suddenly and ZipChip became the predominant Apple II Accelerator though the RocketChip was the faster of the two. Most of the Apple II stuff I learned from Dr. Levinson (RIP). But I do not know much about this accelerator. As soon as I find a few things like a power pack to turn it on and a monitor to display it, I'll state my results. Here's to happy findings!
  10. From the album: defor

    Radius Rocket case badge scanned at 300dpi