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Found 1 result

  1. My much loved 180 has succumb to tunnel vision and is now used with an external display. Still wanting to take a 1xx around with me, I was given a very nice 180c with a few goodies: system disks, VST ThinPack, and a snazzy case. The 180c is in nice condition save for an annoying trackball but at least it has a port door. After a few disappointments with some 68k portables, I really want this 'Book to be a reliable travel machine. The SCSI drive is tiny and noisy, so I think a CF adaptor is in its future. Any recommendation on the best CF speed rating? I cleaned the trackball innards but it feels like there is a physical problem. Is the solution only a new mouse/keyboard unit? No cracks that I can see in the housing or gunk in the springs. VST ThinPack- salvageable cells? I haven't plugged it in yet but I also know very little about them. I'm assuming its NiMH. I don't have the manual to know for how long to leave it plugged in, but I'm assuming the little LED will tell me. Recapping- No apparent problems so far save for a small speaker pop before an alert sound. Would it be prudent to recap anyway due to age? I have no confidence (or time) to recap myself. Are there any members here who run a save-the-mobo service? Same for replacing the backlight? Lastly, the LCD housing is still quite snug but the left side is starting to pull away. Is there a better solution than glue? I can see the LCD pull away from the front bezel just slightly when gently closing the lid. I haven't done a tear down just yet. I am still basking in the newness and starting to take stock of what needs to be done.