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    • Funny how every time I think I've finally left this hobby behind, it seems to pull me back in...   I've watched this forum from the sidelines for many years. Bought my first Mac (and began collecting) in the 1990s. Was in the business from 2005-2010, dealt in hundreds of used Macs while continuing to accumulate a large personal collection -- most of which was eventually sold. Since that time, I've been nothing more than a typical home user, other than the occasional acquisition & overhaul of a vintage PowerBook.   When my area's stay-at-home order first began, I got to cleaning house and found my old SE (one of the few desktops I'd saved) at the back of a closet -- put there years ago because its hard drive had died followed by its floppy drive shortly thereafter. Before I knew it, it was back on my desk with its RAM maxed out, converted back to (freshly-rebuilt) dual floppy drives, and with a new 500MB external hard drive assembled from spare parts I'd forgotten I had.   Seems getting that machine back to working has lit the fire in me again, so to speak. When I saw these on my local Craigslist (at a price well worth the 2 hour drive) I couldn't resist:     Got especially excited when I saw this:     As well as this, but in a different way  - although I imagine whomever put it there had good intentions:     Based on the background in the seller's photos, and the machines' overall condition -- I suspect a tenant left them behind in an office building and that they sat for years. I've never seen a group of computer cases with so much accumulated dust & grime (the lot also included an ImageWriter II that I haven't cleaned up yet).     The 512K (upgraded to a Plus) had something rattling around inside - my heart sank a little when it fell out, but at least I've got a spare to replace where this came from:     Opened it up, and.......  Where's the Micah Drive ???     Flyback looks interesting....     Didn't have a lot of hope for this machine, yet somehow....I seem to get lucky with compact Macs.   I'll get the floppy drive replaced and see if this machine keeps working....   This guy needs help, but might be salvageable:     I cleaned up the Performa 400/LC II to find its case plastics actually look great....and the inside is spotless:   ....but I plugged it in to hear the "ticking" reminiscent of the day my Duo Dock died, years ago.  Can't decide if I want to take a chance getting this one running again. I can't solder due to a tremor in my hands -- and don't want to buy a replacement power supply only to find out the logic board is in immediate need of recapping.   The board does look about as good as I could ask for, though. When I opened the case, I was half expecting to see the aftermath of a battery "bomb".     Thanks for reading....
    • Very nice! If I had any Macs that I'd like to keep original, I'd definitely do that. Very clean
    • Just found this thread and thought you might appreciate my solution (and tutorial). This solution allows you to neatly hook the fake battery to a real battery pack (e.g., 2xAA) and place the battery pack somewhere safer.
    • https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=58413 Here's a working link,  the "friendly url" links are still messed up so old links in the forum/google results are broken  
    • I’m overhauling a Plus analog board to be the rig for my test stand. Previous owner said it didn’t work. I’ll recap obviously in case it is just that. I noticed something I found peculiar: I’ll admit, I never really understood what this iron ring with wires is except to maybe generate a magnetic field? However, I’ve never seen it with clipped, disconnected ends. Is that normal?